Medical Services

The Samuel J. Call Health Services Center (SJCHSC) is staffed by 10 Public Health Service medical and dental officers, 5 Coast Guard physician assistant officers, 1 Coast Guard health administration officer, 1 civilian physician assistant, 1 civilian mental health providers, 49 health services technicians and 34 civilian support personnel.

The SJCHSC is the largest healthcare facility in the Coast Guard, and provides health services across a wide spectrum of care, including primary care, dental, mental health, pharmacy, physical therapy/sports medicine, laboratory, radiology and optometry. The SJCHSC includes a 21 bed patient care unit for recruits with mild to moderate illnesses requiring overnight treatment. The SJCHSC's staff sees over 35,000 appointments and fills over 24,000 prescriptions annually.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to honoring the Coast Guard Ethos and providing our customers high quality, accessible and efficient health care in an environment that fosters trust, respect, commitment, and excellence. We proudly serve to provide a fit and medically ready recruit, active duty and reserve personnel, ready to respond to Coast Guard missions around the globe. 


For all medical emergencies on the Training Center or in Coast Guard housing, dial 911. Coast Guard emergency medical responders (EMS) are on-duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will respond to the scene of an emergency and provide care necessary to stabilize the affected patient(s). Additionally, EMS personnel can transport a patient to either the Samuel J. Call Health Services Center or to the nearest civilian hospital, dependent on care required. If calling from a wireless phone, it is recommended to call (609) 898-6959 to ensure that your call is routed to our dispatch center.