Sunset Parades

    Sunset Parades are colorful, inspiring military ceremonies featuring the Recruit Precision Drill Team, marching troops, cannon fire. They take place at sunset on the Training Center's Parade Grounds, are open to the general public with no admission charge. Children are welcome to attend but should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Sunset Parades are held as operations permit and are dependent on fair weather.  In the event of a foul weather cancellation, we will put out a public notification.  

    Typically, gates open an hour before the event. 

    The Sunset Parade schedule for 2023 is as follows:          

    Observance Date Guests Seated by Estimated Start Time Sunset
    Memorial Day May 28  7:36 p.m. 7:46 p.m. 8:16 p.m.
    Independence Day July 2 7:48 p.m. 7:58 p.m. 8:28 p.m.
    Coast Guard Day August 6 7:25 p.m. 7:35 p.m. 8:05 p.m.
    Labor Day September 3 6:47 p.m. 6:57 p.m. 7:27 p.m.


    Security and Weather

    Visitors should expect increased security screening for the event, and guests are not permitted to bring bags of any kind to the seating area including purses, camera bags, and backpacks. Photography is permitted and encouraged, but cameras must be removed from their bag prior to arriving at the seating area. Guests are encouraged to leave bags in their vehicles during the Parade. If the parade is cancelled due to inclement weather a message will be left on the phone number (609) 898-6700.