CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER                    



The Child Development Center is designed to meet the needs of our children in a safe, loving environment. Each child is respected and accepted for his/her individuality. Our programs are designed to meet the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of each child. Activities are offered each day to stimulate a child’s creativity, natural need for exploration, and self-discovery.

Hours/Days of Operation

Hours are set to meet the needs of the majority of our U.S. Coast Guard customers. Current hours are 0630-1700. The center is open Monday through Friday and closed on all federal holidays as well as a number of other days which are specified below and in the CDC Parent's Handbook.

  • The first Friday in June (training/in service)
  • The Friday following Thanksgiving
  • Early closure (4 p.m.) on the first Friday in May for the Coast Guard Ball.  This is subject to change if the date of the ball is moved.
  • Early closure (2 p.m.) on Christmas Eve
  • Early closure (2 p.m.) on New Year’s Eve
  • Early closure (2 p.m.) on August 4th for Coast Guard Day if it falls on a weekday

Emergency closings (e.g. inclement weather) are announced by the CDC’s mass text alert and broadcasted on the Base Emergency number at 609-898-6700.


Fees are based on a sliding scale of total family income. The Coast Guard uses the Department of Defense (DOD) definition of income as follows:

All earned income including wages, tips, salaries, long-term disability, benefits received by a family, incentive and special pay for service or anything else of value, even if not taxable, that was received for providing services. Also included is basic allowance for housing and basic allowance for subsistence authorized for the pay grade of military personnel, whether the allowance is received in cash or in-kind. Total family income does not include: the geographic cost of living allowances; alimony and child support; temporary duty allowances or reimbursements for educational benefits; veteran's benefits; workers compensation benefits; and unemployment compensation. These are to be excluded from total family income.”

Child Development Center rates can be viewed here.   2024 Rates

USCG Child Care Fee Assistance Program:  To determine if your family is eligible for this program, forms and program information are available here.


Families should contact the CDC to start the enrollment process and obtain required forms.
The CDC can be reached by calling 609-898-6920 or 6921.