Ticket Reimbursement Program


    Only Coast Guard active duty personnel permanently attached to the Training Center Cape May and local units in Cape May and Wildwood are eligible to submit a request for reimbursement for tickets purchased for use by themselves, their spouse, and their dependent children.  Unmarried personnel may submit a request for themselves and one guest.

    Ticket reimbursement is limited to sporting event, amusement parks, commercial/deep sea fishing trips, stage presentations, movies, and beach tag fees.  Not includes in this program is camping facilities, boat rental, fishing and hunting licenses, equipment rental, shotgun shells, or similar recreational expenditures.  Events or functions held on board Training Center Cape May will be eligible for this program.

    Reimbursement is 50% of the purchase price up to $20.00 per event.  Families and individuals that participate in this program are limited to one use of the fund per month and a maximum of four uses per year. All requests must be submitted in the month in which the event was attended.  However, requests received by the 15th of the following month in which the event was attended will be honored.  This will allow for receipt of request for events held at the end of the month and cover possible delays in the mail.  Checks will be written on the 15th of each month and you will be notified when your check is ready.

    For an application form please submit the Ticket Reimbursement Form to the MWR Office.

    Leisure Travel & Ticket Program

    MWR has a Leisure Travel & Ticket department that offers a variety of different packages for vacation and tickets for recreation and leisure entertainment or events. Some of the places we will be selling tickets for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and others though the Military Ticket Program and for local events we sell Frank Theatres, Splash Zone, Morey’s Piers, and others. 

    We have a dedicated area for you to come in to plan, purchase and print your next vacation. We have a standalone laptop and printer for our customers to use to print out itineraries or trip info. Use of the laptop and printer is Free of Charge. 

    We are located in the Coast Guard Exchange building. We can be found outside of the MWR Office where the Coffee Express used to previously be located. 

    We can be contacted via telephone at 609-898-6381 or email at . Give us a call for more info on trips and special tickets and remember when ordering tickets it must be done in person or over the phone. 

    Office Hours are from Monday to Friday 1000 to 1600!

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