The purpose of this site – whether you are on active duty, a Reservist, a civilian Coast Guard employee, or a dependent – is to give you up-to-date information related to the education and training aspects of your personal and professional development.


Drop into the Education Center for information about the educational opportunities that are available for you. I will tailor our advice to your interests and desires.  We can discuss higher education, improving your ASVAB scores to attend a specific "A" school, or other-than-college options such as vocational and certification programs.


Even if you're interested in a career that puts calluses on your hands or dirties your fingernails, continued advancement today is tied to continuing education and training. Lifelong learning not only helps you keep up with changes in your field, it's also a way to set you apart from and above your colleagues.


In the civilian labor force, a wide variety of skills plus leadership and management abilities virtually guarantees you better jobs and better pay. And the way to acquire, maintain, and perfect those skills and abilities is to constantly improve yourself through training, education, or both.


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College Counciling

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Please contact me by e-mail or phone number below. I look forward to working with you.


Scott Carey

Education Service Officer (ESO) TCCM

Scott.R.Carey@uscg.mil or (609)898-6724