Force Readiness Command Training Division (FC-T)

The FORCECOM Training Division prepares, educates and trains the Coast Guard workforce. We facilitate systematic analyses and develop non-training human performance solutions to improve workforce performance.

Our functions include:

  • Develop and maintain plans and policies for training, education, and development programs for the Coast Guard.
  • Develop standards and evaluation programs to determine the effectiveness of all performance solutions.
  • Serve as program manager for recruit training, instructor development, and course designer programs.
  • Develop Human Performance Technology expertise across the Coast Guard.
  • Coordinate performance, training, education, and development plans and policy with the Deputy Commandant for Operations (DCO) and Deputy Commandant for Mission Support (DCMS).
  • Monitor a system wide performance assessment program to include training, evaluation, impact, cost, and performance support interventions.
  • Serve as the Coast Guard link to DHS for agency wide training initiatives.
  • Serve as the Headquarters focal point for programming and budgeting information for the performance, training, and education system.