Mission Support Branch (FC-Tms)

The Mission Support branch provides program managers and rating force managers within Deputy Commandant for Mission Support (DCMS) with high quality workforce performance consulting services and training management support.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Approve curriculum outlines for all Coast Guard training and associated requirements including audience, content and delivery.
  • Coordinate the planning and implementation of changed or new training solutions and evaluate for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop, maintain, and implement training system standard processes and procedures.
  • Coordinate with the Operations branch for training center and training support command assessment and standardization visits.
  • Validate, coordinate, and analyze workforce performance problems and opportunities in support of Coast Guard program managers using Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods.
  • Coordinate performance, occupational, and training analysis with program managers and rating force managers.
  • Coordinate with appropriate training and resource managers any changes to courses that will necessitate changes in resource levels.
  • Coordinate and manage the training evaluation program to include assessing quality, impact, and cost of training and performance support interventions for DCMS sponsored initiatives.
  • Collect, coordinate, and validate training and education requirements from DCMS.
  • Review concurrent clearance documents for operational training system impacts.
  • Review Resource Proposals for operational training system impacts.
  • Facilitate the Enlisted Qualification Review process for DCMS related ratings.
  • Act as program manager for the Performance Technology postgraduate program.