Coast Guard Credentialing Assistance Program 


Benefits of Credentialing

  • Many occupations are guided by certain professional and technical standards
  • The process of meeting these standards and earning official recognition is called credentialing
  • Civilian credentialing can contribute to military professionalism
  • Be recognized as a professional for your expertise
  • Be more competitive for advancement or promotion
  • Be more competitive for a civilian job, or earn a bigger paycheck when you separate or retire from service
  • Seamless transition into civilian employment

Earn Credentials Like...

AET/AMT: SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician Core

DC: CMCI Certified Construction Manager

EM/ET: ETA-I Associate Electronics Technician (CETa)

CS: ACF Certified Executive Chef

IT: ICCP Certified Computing Professional

YN: HRCI Professional in Human Resources

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