FORCECOM is made up of ~3,000 field positions and 185 staff with 41 units in 17 states FORCECOM has an impact on every Coast Guard Mission… every unit…every enlisted rating… and every officer specialty.

FORCECOM is slightly smaller than the average District Staff with a total workforce on par with many districts but are geographically dispersed across the U.S.

FORCECOM is responsible for the Coast Guard’s internationally recognized, award winning training system including:

TRACEN Yorktown, TRACEN Petaluma, TRACEN Cape May, ATC Mobile, ATTC Elizabeth City, National Motor Lifeboat School, Special Missions Training Center, Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, five Regional Fisheries Training Centers, four Afloat Training Organizations, The Performance Technology Center, Education and Training Quota Management Center, 12 Armories, Finance and Assessment Teams, Leadership Development Center and 3 Exercise Support Teams

We are, quite literally, all over the map.

FORCECOM footprint map