Operations Branch (FC-Tot)

The Operations Branch provides program managers and rating force managers within Deputy Commandant for Operations (DCO) with high quality workforce performance consulting services and training management support.

Primary Functions

  • Approve curriculum outlines for all Coast Guard training and associated requirements including audience, content, and delivery.
  • Coordinate the planning and implementation of changed or new training solutions and evaluate for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop, maintain, and implement training system standard processes and procedures.
  • Coordinate with the Mission Support branch for training center and training support unit command assessment and standardization visits.
  • Validate, coordinate, and analyze workforce performance problems and opportunities in support of Coast Guard program managers using Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods.
  • Coordinate performance, occupational, and training analysis with program managers and rating force managers.
  • Coordinate with appropriate training and resource managers any changes to courses that will necessitate changes in resource levels.
  • Coordinate and manage the training evaluation program to include assessing quality, impact, and cost of training and performance support interventions for DCO sponsored initiatives.
  • Collect, coordinate, and validate training and education requirements from DCO.
  • Review concurrent clearance documents for operational training system impacts.
  • Review resource proposals for operational training system impacts.
  • Facilitate the Enlisted Qualification Review process for DCO related ratings.