Sporting Activities

Active duty Coast Guard Personnel and their dependents, CG Reservists and their dependents, retired personnel and their dependents, members of the Public Health Service serving with the Coast Guard and their dependents and full time civilian employees working for the Coast Guard are authorized to utilize the various sports facilities.

Softball Fields

Authorized personnel may use ball fields. Reservations must be made at the MWR Office.

Pavilion / Picnic Area & Beach Volleyball

All authorized participants will have equal access to the picnic facilities, which will normally be available on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made for use of the picnic pavilion by submitting a "roster" and a "Pavilion Request form". Additionally, if there will be alcohol consumption at the event, please fill out the alcohol request form.
Please return forms to the MWR Office or email as an attachment. to: 

Alcohol Request Form
Pavilion Reservation Form
Special Event - Pavilion Roster Request Form


Tennis Courts and Driving Range

These facilities are available on a first come basis.

Training Center Beach Access

Authorized CG MWR Patrons can access Cape May Public Beaches from the beach area behind the Oceanside Club (known as the southwest gate). There is limited parking available in the turn-around circle adjacent to the beach and the left shoulder of the road leading to the area. Beach goers will have to walk a short distance (several hundred feet) toward the water along the split rail fence bordering the Beach Club of Cape May's facility and then proceed west toward the Cape May Public beach (also known as Poverty Beach). All applicable Cape May Beach ordinances remain in effect, no dogs, alcohol, glass or littering allowed. Beach Tags are also required --. So avoid the crowds and the hassles of parking downtown and grab your lotion, beach chairs, and coolers and head over to the southwest gate and enjoy Cape May's beautiful beaches.