Training Center Cape May continues to operate under the modified recruit training schedule including the 14-day restriction on movement (ROM) to lower the risk of any potential COVID-19 transmission within the recruit companies. We currently have increased companies in training and so far the process has gone very smoothly and the recruits are doing well. Graduations for current and future recruits in training remain approximately eight weeks after shipping to Cape May.  As a reminder, recruits could be delayed in training for various reasons causing them to not graduate with their current company.  Also, modifications to the training schedule, based on outside circumstances, may be necessary that could affect company graduation dates overall.

All graduations for current and future companies remain closed to visitors until we announce otherwise. Openings will be gradual and planned with updates being made on the Training Center website and official social media page well in advance to allow for travel planning. All graduations will be livestreamed and archived on social media.

We anticipate that allowing large gatherings, especially concerning visitors, will be one of the last changes we make as we continue to carefully assess and mitigate risk to our recruits, staff and families. Our priority is to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that graduates present the lowest risk to our operational units when departing training and to protect the health and safety of our staff.  All graduating recruits are provided with travel to their first unit. Leave after training is not authorized. Based on the dynamic nature of domestic travel and Coast Guard operations, recruits may not have firm travel plans until just before graduation.  In some cases, recruits may remain in Cape May for a short period after graduation before reporting to their first units.

Changes to the base status are frequent, so the Training Center is not sending out letter correspondence to families at this time. Your recruit will be the best source of information during this time, please know that they will make contact as appropriate and keep the families informed with timely and accurate information as necessary. Also, please check the website FAQs below and/or social media site frequently for new information.

Please continue to stay safe, support each other, take care of your families and our community.

To see the Coast Guard’s response, plans, and advice, visit www.uscg.mil/coronavirus

To see the latest health guidance and information on COVID-19, visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus

To see the latest information about New Jersey’s COVID-19 response, visit www.COVID19.NJ.GOV

Coast Guard wellness support resources: www.uscg.mil/coronavirus/information/article/2127607/wellness-support-resources/

If you, a loved one, or a friend needs help, visit www.cgsuprt.com  or 1-855-CGSUPRT for free confidential assistance.



  1. The base is currently limited to Training Center mission essential personnel ONLY.  Limited locations such as the exchange and gym are open for increased patronage as noted below.
  2. TRACEN Cape May ID Office is accepting appointments by phone under the three scenarios shown below.  Feel free to call with any questions: 609-898-6337.
    • If your CAC is expiring within 30 days or if you are traveling / deploying.
    • Dependent and Retiree ID cards that expired before 01 Jan 2020.
    • Adding / removing dependents and other DEERS status changes affecting Tricare. 
  3. The chaplains are still available by phone as needed and emergent appointments if necessary. 
  4. Galley is for recruit use only.
  5. The barber shop is open to Coast Guard active duty and civilian personnel. The hours are:  Wednesdays and Thursdays 0800-1600, Fridays from 0800-1200.  It is suggested to call and make an appointment (ext 6939). Face Coverings are required.
  6. The tailor shop is open for over-the-counter business.
    • Hours: Wednesdays & Thursday's 8-12 p.m.
    • Items must be clean/laundered when dropped off
    • Masks required for entry
  7. The Exchange is open to Coast Guard active duty, staff, and dependents.
    • Hours: 0900-1600, Monday-Saturday.
    • Dependents should limit traffic on base to travel to/from authorized locations.
    • Masks are required for entry.
    • Starting on Sept. 20, the commanding officer has allowed all regular authorized Coast Guard Exchange patrons access to the base to shop on Sundays. The hours will be from 0900-1600.
  8. Harborview is open for Coast Guard active duty, reservists, civilians, NAF employees, contractors, and all tenet commands for takeout and outdoor dining on the patio. Indoor dining is available with limited seating to 25% capacity.
    • Hours:
      • Dinner -  Saturdays, 1700-2100
      • Lunch - Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1100-1300
      • Breakfast - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 0700 to 0830
  9. Gym use is limited to recruits and authorized Coast Guard active duty, reserve, civilian and contractor personnel only.
    • Hours: 0600-2100
    • 30 members in the gym at a time.
    • If the 30 member maximum is reached a 1 hour workout time will be enforced.
    • Signing in and out of the gym is mandatory.
    • ID is required.
    • Dependents are authorized gym use during the following times: Monday-Saturday from 1600-2100 and Sunday from 0600-2100.
  10. MWR is working at a limited capacity. We are planning to roll out safe, fun MWR events for the whole TRACEN Cape May community as we go forward.
  11. The jetty is open in a limited capacity to authorized patrons at the discretion of the OOD.
  12. MWR Cottages will not be rented for leisure until further notice. 
  13. Sunset Parades are canceled.
  14. All base tours are cancelled until further notice.
  15. All playgrounds in housing and off base are open. The skate park and the on-base tennis courts are open to authorized personnel. As a reminder, the playgrounds in housing are for Coast Guard families only.  As the visitors return to Cape May, if you see non-Coast Guard families using our playgrounds, politely ask them to leave.  If you need assistance, contact the TRACEN OOD: 609-780-1346
  16. Child Development Center - starting June 22nd, the dependents of CG and federal government civilians are eligible to return to the CDC. 
    • All families will be required to pay their regular rate of tuition in order to hold their space in the CDC irrespective of current attendance.
    • CDC services have been expanded to include a Preschool Program and a School Age Program.



Until further notice, all graduations will be closed to visitors, and only essential Training Center Personnel will attend.

Recruit Training Graduations are normally held on Fridays at 11:00 a.m., but can be changed to meet training center needs. To avoid conflict with certain Federal Holidays, graduations are sometimes shifted to Thursday.

U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, N.J. is the nation's only Coast Guard Recruit Training Center.

Training Center Cape May has suspended guest attendance at graduation ceremonies to maintain CDC guidelines on social distancing and to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 to service members or Coast Guard families.  

We are also suspending all events associated with graduation, to include the Family Meet and Greet on Thursdays prior to graduation and the Family Breakfast on Fridays prior to the ceremony.

Graduations themselves will continue and will be live-streamed as available on our official Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/USCoastGuardBootCamp

All graduating recruits will be provided with travel to their first unit. Recruits impacted by this change will be authorized to call home to inform their loved ones of their updated travel arrangements. Those that cannot travel will remain at Training Center Cape May.

Our top priority at Training Center Cape May is the health and safety of our staff, recruits and guests. As we have said before, we understand there is general concern about the COVID-19 virus and its potential threat to our community.  In accordance with CDC guidelines, we have added additional steps to our processes for the prevention and/or treatment of illnesses here. We have robust screening processes in place in conjunction with MEPS screening for new recruits who arrive each week. We will continue to monitor the situation and consult with medical experts to decide when it is appropriate to resume guest attendance at graduation ceremonies and other scheduled events.

This action is being taken with the necessary level of caution, to both ensure the welfare of our staff and that Training Center Cape May can continue its mission of producing fleet-ready Coast Guard men and women.

The graduation schedule for the next few months is as follows:

Company  Location  Arrival Date Graduation Date
G199 Gym 9/01 10/23 @ 1100
H199 Gym 9/15 11/06 @ 1100
I199 Gym 9/22 11/13 @ 1100
J199 Gym 9/29 11/20 @ 1100
K199 Gym 10/13 12/04 @ 1100
L199 Gym 10/20 12/11 @ 1100




Q1. Is there a chance the decision to stop families being at graduation could be reversed? 

R1. No. We are constantly assessing the environment and make operational decisions based on the guidance we’re given and current local situational assessment. Our goal is to limit to the greatest extent possible, any outside factor that would impact our mission to train new Coast Guard men and women for service and protect the health and safety of our staff. 

Q2. Are the recruits aware of COVID-19 and the graduation changes? 

R1. Recruits are aware of COVID-19 and the cleaning and hygiene requirements we’ve implemented and they are aware of the decision to cancel guest attendance at graduation. The graduating company has been informed and follow-on companies will be notified as we move forward.

Q3. Once the recruits graduate will they be flown to the original place they left from so families can meet them there?

R1. Graduating recruits will make their travel arrangements to their next duty station. TRACEN Cape May will provide transportation to a transit hub like they used when they first arrived. Graduating recruits will be afforded time to contact their family to communicate their plan.

Q4. Will families who have booked flights, cars and hotels be refunded? 

R1. Contacting individual vendors would be the best course of action. Many of the local municipalities are taking action as a NJ state emergency declaration was issued for Covid-19.

Q5. Can we pick up our recruit after the graduation ceremony, understanding that we are not attending?

R1. The short answer is no. Graduating companies will be calling home to update families on their travel arrangements. TRACEN Cape May will work to get them into the travel system to their duty station.

Q6. How long will these graduation changes be in effect? 

R1. We will be constantly evaluating the environment and working with our federal, state and local partners to make the best decision for all here as soon as possible.

Q7. Is the DEPOT graduation still live streamed?

R1. No. DEPOT will not be livestreamed.

Q8. We live nearby. Will we be able to come down and pick our graduate up?

R1. No. The ceremony will be modified and limited to the required permanent party. Recruits will be transported by bus back to the transit system as they arrived at the beginning of training. The graduating recruits will be calling to discuss their arrangements and changes as needed.

Q9. Does anyone know if this will affect A-School graduation?

R1. The individual training centers will be making those decisions and communicating with their different communities.

Q11. What happens if a recruit or staff member tests positive for the coronavirus? 

R1. Our active screening follows the latest CDC guidelines and includes asking new arrivals about their general health. If anyone has a positive COVID-19 finding and/or meets current CDC screening guidelines for COVID-19, we would then work with our base medical personnel along with state and local health department professionals.

Q12. Is the Training Center still bringing in recruit companies?

R1. Yes. We currently have recruits transiting to TCCM from across the country, but this is subject to change as we continue to monitor this highly dynamic situation and work with leadership to make the best decisions for our staff and recruits. 




The New Jersey Governor issued many executive orders related to COVID-19. We are considering Coast Guard, Federal and State guidance in our base decisions and actions. To see the latest information about New Jersey’s COVID-19 response, visit www.COVID19.NJ.GOV

Per the Governor's direction, nothing in the order shall limit:

  • The provision of health care or medical services
  • The operations of the media
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • The operations of the federal government

 We are all authorized to travel to/from home to the businesses that are open - ones necessary for essential supplies - grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations. Many restaurants are open in the area for take-out and delivery only - travel to/from those businesses is authorized. As our staff lives throughout South Jersey, it is difficult to put a travel radius around Cape May. Per previous guidance, please stay within the approved travel radius, except for travel to/from work for mission-essential operations and training. When traveling for essential supplies, stay as close to home as practical. When you are traveling for authorized purposes, abide by social distancing practices - most stores already have safe practices in place for you.

There are also many resources available to help families cope with the issues brought about by this virus. Some of those resources can be found at the links below:

To see the Coast Guard’s response, plans, and advice, visit www.uscg.mil/coronavirus

To see the latest health guidance and information on COVID-19, visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus

To see the latest information about New Jersey’s COVID-19 response, visit www.COVID19.NJ.GOV

If you, a loved one, or a friend needs help, visit www.cgsuprt.com or 1-855-CGSUPRT for free confidential assistance.


- - -



Good Afternoon Training Center Cape May Community,

It's been a while since my last update.  We have certainly been busy as we continue to adapt to our new normal of operations and training, all while ensuring we maintain the safest possible environment for our staff, families, recruits, and the Cape May County community.
Last week, we graduated O-198 with a live-streamed ceremony for 86 new Coast Guard men and women. They have since departed and are now working members of the Coast Guard family. There will now be a significant pause before the next graduation (12 June for P-198).  If you haven't noticed already, it's significantly quieter around the Training Center. The absence of Recruit Training sounds have only been replaced by the other sounds of Spring, the grounds team is hard at work taking care of our 450+ acres!    While it is eerily quiet and it will be an adjustment not to celebrate a graduation every week, this period is necessary as we continue to bring recruits in for training in a manner to provide the safest possible environment for our staff, recruits and families, still amidst an uncertain period with the impact of COVID-19.
Thank you to all the Training Center staff who diligently and tirelessly poured their time and energy into the well planned and executed graduation of all the existing recruits that were here AND for the safe and encouraging welcome for our first two new companies, P-198 and Q-198.
Last week we also began the new training period with P-198, 2-weeks of Restriction of Movement, or ROM, as I explained in my last update.  They are halfway through that process.  So far the process has gone very smoothly and the recruits of P-198 are doing well.   With the slightly better weather, you'll see these smaller "ROM Squads" out with their Company Commanders and Instructors, engaged in training and light physical fitness.  Thank you to the ROM staff for maintaining professionalism, dedication, and devotion to the newest members of the Coast Guard - it’s a challenging and new environment, not only for them, but also for you.  I am happy to report that Q-198 arrived last night and will continue like P-198, to be welcomed and trained by the best Coast Guard men and women our service has to offer.   Next week, later on Thursday, the traditional sounds of Recruit Training will sound-off again as P-198 transitions to the remaining six weeks of their training, which will follow the normal training objectives to ensure our graduates are ready to serve Coast Guard operational units throughout the country.
Thank you so much to our Coast Guard families and the Cape May County community for your continued support of our important Coast Guard mission here in Cape May.  The community support, through the send-off of the O-198 recruits, was noticed and praised by the highest levels of our Coast Guard leadership.  We know that support is not unique to this time of pandemic.  We all look forward to a time when we can reunite as a community, in person, with events on base and throughout Cape May County.
Please continue to support each other, take care of yourselves, your families, and check in on your shipmates!
CAPT Kathy Felger
Commanding Officer
Training Center Cape May


Cape May County Coast Guard Community,

Training Center Cape May’s staff, instructors, and leadership who supervise and care for our personnel put the safety and health of our people first and foremost in the planning and execution of our training mission.  In the last two weeks, we have graduated two recruit companies, sending 150 new non-rates out to their first units.  O-198 will graduate next Wednesday, April 22, on an accelerated training timeline - still ready to serve as proud Coast Guard members.  Many thanks to the Training Division and support staff for their flexibility in the many recent changes to recruit training and herculean efforts in planning for future shipping of recruits.

The entire team is committed to understanding and addressing concerns, issues and hearing your voice ensuring we remain safe and that we can carry out the essential mission of Recruit Training.   As we move forward, we are implementing a new training plan with significant modifications to help ensure safety and mitigate potential COVID impacts. To date, we have had no positive COVID-19 tests of staff or recruits at the Training Center. We have tested 20 members with various symptoms, but all test results came back negative for COVID-19.

From the end of March through this week, we have not shipped any new recruits to Training Center Cape May.  This pause has given us time to prepare to receive recruits again, but under a process that would ensure stricter separation and mitigation measures upon arrival and before starting their training.   We are now ready to implement a new receiving and training plan for the foreseeable future.

We will be receiving 48 recruits on April 21. They will enter what's called ROM-14, or Restriction on Movement for 14 days, before entering the "regular" boot camp training process. The additional screening they receive at the MEPS stations before arrival will remain in place.  We have reduced the numbers of recruits we will receive each week - normally 100-120, now reduced to 48-50.    The new recruits will be divided further into smaller groups to minimize the risk in the event of a member having COVID-like symptoms or testing positive for the virus.

This new plan will allow us to ensure recruits are safely ready to train after their ROM period and keep our overall recruit population smaller than normal.  After the two week ROM period the recruits will transition to our "new normal" recruit basic training - still intense indoctrination, but with many of the new mitigation measures we've already implemented in our current recruit population.  As this is an entirely new process and environment for us, there will be challenges and there will likely be changes, but they will be made deliberately based on safety and potential changes in or outside of our Training Center.

I request that if you have questions please use your Chain of Command to seek answers and guidance as this pandemic continues to affect our lives.  Please recognize the importance of our mission to the entire Coast Guard workforce and its readiness to conduct operations - our mission is essential and it will get done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Please continue to stay safe, support each other, take care of your families and our community.

To see the Coast Guard’s response, plans, and advice, visit www.uscg.mil/coronavirus

To see the latest health guidance and information on COVID-19, visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus

To see the latest information about New Jersey’s COVID-19 response, visit www.COVID19.NJ.GOV

Coast Guard wellness support resources: www.uscg.mil/coronavirus/information/article/2127607/wellness-support-resources/

If you, a loved one, or a friend needs help, visit www.cgsuprt.com  or 1-855-CGSUPRT for free confidential assistance.

CAPT Kathy Felger
Commanding Officer
Training Center Cape May
The Coast Guard's Hometown and Birthplace of the Enlisted Corps




First and foremost, thank you for your continued support, patience, and flexibility during these ever-changing times.  I understand people are concerned and afraid, and it is normal to be frightened when facing a health crisis like this.  We also know this situation is stressful and with all of the information out there, it can even be confusing.

I know it can be challenging to process all of the information from different sources and different parts of the country and how it affects us and our Cape May Community.  Please continue to raise your questions and concerns with your chain of command.  The more informed we are, the more responsive to your needs we can be.  We will provide answers as quickly as we can.

I wanted to specifically thank the amazing staff here at Training Center Cape May. They have continued the mission-essential job of producing fleet-ready Coast Guard men and women. We are scheduled to graduate  GOLF - 199 on Friday, October 23. 

Training Center Cape May remains open only for essential Coast Guard operations.  We maintain the minimal personnel required to effectively train and support our current recruits.  At the waterfront, our operational units of cutters and boat forces remain ready to save lives and protect commerce.

Over the last several weeks, we have implemented many health and safety measures to mitigate risk to everyone - staff, recruits and families.

The Coast Guard is actively evaluating the shipment of new recruits.  We are also continually assessing how we train the recruits currently in training, evaluating steps we have taken to mitigate health risks, and considering new steps to take going forward.  The balance is maintaining a healthy and safe workforce and also being able to send new Coast Guard members safely to the fleet ready to conduct Coast Guard missions.

This is an evolving emergency, and we simply do not have all the answers. As soon as we have them, we will inform you. This is what we know now.

The Commandant just released a video, continuing to emphasize the need for leadership at all levels of the organization to look after our people as we continue to stand the watch.

  • “First and foremost, on my mind and all your senior leaders, is your safety and well-being and that of your family.”
  • “What I need leaders across the Coast Guard to do is intrusively understand whose circumstances have changed.”
  • “The work that we do is as critical as ever, maybe more important than ever.”
  • “For those of you that might be looking at a permanent change of station (PCS) move this summer, we’re working real hard – almost around the clock – to get policy and clarity in your hands to understand how that is going to unfold. …We’re going to work through that together.”

See the Commandant and Vice Commandant videos on the USCG Coronavirus website or on their Social Media pages @ComdtUSCG and @VComdtUSCG For a full list of USCG Wellness Resources, visit https://www.uscg.mil/Coronavirus/Information/Article/2127607/wellness-support-resources/

Again, thank you for your continued support, patience, and flexibility. We know that there is high concern over COVID-19 - we are all in this together for as long as this uncertainty lasts. Take care of each other and look out for each other.


CAPT Kathy Felger
Commanding Officer
Training Center Cape May
The Coast Guard's Hometown and Birthplace of the Enlisted Corps