Religious Services

The chaplains at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Cape May, New Jersey provide pastoral care and counseling for recruits, permanent party members, tenant commands and their family members as well as civilian employees. The chapel staff offers Sunday services as well as a daily Mass.

PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR CAPE MAY, PROSPECTIVE RECRUITS SHOULD DISCUSS WITH THEIR CLERGY (i.e., pastor, rabbi, imam, etc.), RECRUITERS, LOVED ONES, AND PERTINENT FRIENDS THE FAITH JOURNEY AHEAD.  All recruits meet with the Training Center chaplains early in training and religious needs and requests can be discussed with the chaplains directly or through a recruit's Company Commander."

                       Religious Service Times

Service Day Time
Sunday: Catholic 0815
  Protestant 0945


Choir Rehearsal 1800

Tue, Wed   
Thurs, Friday:

Catholic Mass 0630

Holy day Masses and special services: TBA via the plan of the week. Confessions by appointment. Information about additional worship local opportunities (e.g., Latter-day Saints, Greek Orthodox, Seventh-day Adventist) are available from the chapel staff upon request. (PLEASE NOTE: Chapel programming may change for special events, etc.)


Recruit & student family members please note:


Matters pertaining to recruits and other students must be addressed via the chain of command.  Please visit the following site for pertinent contact information: In the event a recruit, other student, or permanent party member must be notified of an emergency please contact the American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services at 1-877-272-7337.

If you are active duty or an eligible family member and you need to locate the chaplain for your unit please visit:


Contact chapel staff by Email: