MWR stands for Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation.  It is a comprehensive network of support in which leisure programs and services are provided to improve the quality of life of Service members, their families, and other eligible patrons.  MWR strives to create a home community feel and promote a fun and healthy environment at the US Coast Guard Training Center Cape May.


The MWR branch maintains responsibility for many of the facilities on the Training Center, while providing a wide range of services, programs and activities to make your stay at Training Center Cape May more active, fun, enjoyable and relaxing.

While every possible effort will be made to avail TRACEN facilities to as many eligible members as possible, the primary mission of the Training Center is to train recruits. Availability of recreational facilities is contingent on the recruit training schedule. Recruit classes and scheduled recruit recreation time take precedence over casual use. It is intended that recruit training not be distracted by the presence of casual users of facilities. Activities that result in such distraction, as determined by staff personnel in charge of the activity, will be terminated.

Contact Information

The MWR Office is located in the MarketPlace and can be reached at (609) 898-6922. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1600.