Servicing Personnel Offices

Training Center Cape May has multiple administrative offices available to address most pay and administrative questions or problems. Our administrative offices consist of Permanent Party Servicing Personnel Office, which serves active duty and reserve Coast Guardsmen; Military ID Card Office, which serves any ID card eligible employee or dependent; and our Recruit Servicing Personnel Office, which serves only recruits currently in basic training.

Permanent Party Servicing Personnel Office

The Permanent Party Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) at Training Center Cape May maintains approximately 1500 active duty and reserve pay accounts. Our area of responsibility extends from Lewes, DE throughout NJ to Philadelphia PA. Our goal is quality customer service and our staff is dedicated to timely, accurate support for all personnel. Contact (609) 898- 6828 for assistance or more information.

Military Identification Cards

ID cards are issued on an appointment basis by calling 609.898.6337 or 6340.  ID card hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please visit the Military ID Cards page for more information and be ready to provide the following forms of documentation:

  • Two forms of identification are required, one of which must have a photo.
  • DD 214
  • Marriage License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Other Pertinent Documentation

Recruit Servicing Personnel Office

The Recruit Servicing Personnel Office serves an average of 3,000 Coast Guardsmen each year, and they are dedicated to ensuring new Coast Guardsmen and their families receive their pay, benefits and support services in a timely manner. The administrative professionals in this office only serve recruits currently in basic training. For more information, contact (609) 898-6284.

Records for Separated/Discharged Members

All Coast Guard personnel records are shipped to the National Personnel Records Center National Personnel Records Center when you separate or retire. Please submit a records request to the staff there to retrieve records.