Base Access

All vehicles and persons intending to enter Training Center Cape May (TCCM) are subject to search at any time pursuant to 18 U.S.C 1382.

All persons 18 and older wishing to gain access to the base must provide a valid photo identification credential from a state or federal agency. This includes state identification cards, driver licenses, passports, Veteran ID, immigration credentials, etc. Visiting minors (16 and under) must be accompanied by an adult. Access to the base will be classified as escorted or unescorted:

  • Escorted Access. TCCM permanent party may escort visitors on board the base after receiving the applicable pass in the security office. Access is limited to areas the escort is authorized to take the visitor. If an escorted access visitor is found without their escort, they will be immediately removed from TCCM.
  • Unescorted Access. Unescorted access is allowed for those holding credentials valid for unescorted access (see Credentials). This access is limited to those areas where the persons are authorized to be present. Persons on the regimental training grounds must be authorized by the Training Division or Command Cadre.

Credentials: The following list comprises the required credentials for unescorted access and the applicable areas that are authorized:

  • Common Access Card holders may access all authorized areas.
  • Dependent ID holders may access necessary areas for the purpose of their visit. Minor dependents must be accompanied by an adult to access buildings other than the exchange, gymnasium, MWR facilities or Child Development Center.
  •  Retiree ID holders have the same access as Common Access Card holders.
  • 100% service disconnected disability Veteran ID holders (VHIC required) may access authorized facilities (exchange, MWR, galley, etc.) for the purpose of their visit.
  • Service-Connected disability Veteran ID holders (VHIC required) may access only those facilities authorized under the expanded access program eligibility. See this page for more information.
  • TCCM Unescorted Base Pass Holders are allowed to access applicable areas related to their base access request without escort. If additional access is necessary, a pass for that new access must be obtained at the Security Office.
  • Coast Guard Auxiliarists with the local Cape May Flotilla and on the Members-In-Good-Standing (MIGS) list are authorized base access for Auxiliary purposes. Each Auxiliarist may bring one (01) sponsored guest, for the purpose of recruitment and assistance in Auxiliary functions. Sponsorship of guests by the Auxiliary is not intended to expand access to otherwise ineligible persons.

Vehicle Privileges:  Visitor drivers must also present valid documentation.  Any driver not sponsored by a military id must also receive a vehicle pass from the Security Building.  All vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver and be able to produce the following:

  • Valid Driver License (unexpired)
  • Vehicle Registration (unexpired)
  • Proof of Insurance (unexpired)

Sponsored Access:  Visitors may be sponsored for access by members of TRACEN or other ID card holders as follows:

  • Active Duty/Reserve/Retired/Dependent/Civilian Common Access Card holders may sponsor up to five (05) persons aboard TRACEN.
  • Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) holders may be accompanied by a spouse with valid ID and proof of marriage (marriage certificate).

Tours:  Training Center Cape May is a CLOSED military base and has only limited access to the general public.  If you are interested in a tour of the base, you must make arrangements with the Public Affairs Office. 

Guest Quarters/Campground:  All persons with reservations in the guest quarters cottages or the campgrounds on base must either be eligible MWR patrons or sponsored/escorted by eligible sponsors. Active Duty and Civilian employees at Training Center Cape May are the only authorized unaccompanied sponsors for guest quarters and campgrounds. The unescorted access is limited to transiting between the gate and the guest quarters/campground; no other unescorted access is allowed. All others that sponsor guests must remain with their guests while on base. Any guest found outside the guest quarters or campground while unescorted will be removed from the base.

Vehicle Pass Issuance: Visitor and vehicle passes are issued to any person or vehicle not sponsored by a military identification card including government contractors and parties with prior command approval. Passes are issued at the service window of the Security Building.  Normal working hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding federal holidays. After hours passes are available but may take longer to process.  The contact number for the Security Building is (609) 898-6915.

Vehicle Privileges:  Visitor drivers must also present valid documentation.  Any driver not sponsored by a military id must also receive a vehicle pass from the Security Building.  All vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver and be able to produce the following:

  • Valid Driver License (unexpired)
  • Vehicle Registration (unexpired)
  • Proof of Insurance (unexpired)

Wheeled conveyances:  Bicycles (including electric bikes), electric scooters, skateboards and other variations of these devices are considered wheeled conveyances.

  • All are required to properly secure a safety helmet on their heads to ride onboard the Training Center.
  • During inclement weather or low visibility/fog, riders must display a forward facing white light.
  • All must obey traffic regulations the same as a motorized vehicle. This includes remaining on the road and to the right side of the roadway. Obey all traffic signage. Right of way is the same as for vehicles, no special right of way is given.

Citation Policy: Coast Guard Police Department issues citations for all parking and traffic offenses.  The first citation is considered a written warning. A second offense will result in a 24hr driving privilege suspension, determined by the Command Security Officer or Chief of Police. Subsequent violations within a year will be forwarded for Command-level punitive or administrative measures.

Speed Limits:  The following speed limits are strictly enforced:

  • On-base 20 mph
  • Housing 25 mph

Marching Recruits:  No vehicle shall pass a group of marching recruits without permission from a Company Commander (identified with a Campaign Cover). Vehicles must remain 100ft behind a marching company at all times. Violation of this provision is grounds for immediate revocation of driving privileges on base.

Colors:  Operating a motor vehicle is prohibited during morning colors (8 a.m.) and evening colors (sunset).  Colors is when the flags are raised and lowered and are usually accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem or Bugle Call. Morning colors is often accompanied by a cannon shot to notify all of the event. Failure to stop a vehicle or wheeled conveyance for colors is grounds for a citation.

Regulated/Restricted Areas To safely and effectively complete the Recruit Training mission, the base has an established restricted training area on the base, called the Regiment. This area is strictly off limits to visitors and personnel not assigned to the unit with access to these areas in the performance of their duties. Failure to obey the restricted area signs constitutes grounds for removal from the property. Please see the base map to reference where this area is located.

Suspicious Activity: To report suspicious activity on or near the training center or in Coast Guard housing, call (609) 898-6915 or (609) 898-6225.