The Barracks Management Section of TRACEN Cape May's Support Services Division is directly responsible for the administration, material condition, and good order and discipline in the barracks. The Chief Master-At-Arms (CMAA), Duty Master-At-Arms (DMAA), and Barracks are responsible to the Support Services Branch Chief to ensure the barracks are operated in accordance with the regulations set forth in: TRACNCMINSTM5300.1M.

    The UPH consist of 73 permanent party rooms, 7 transient rooms, and 5 duty rooms, 1 VIP room. The net-living area of the average permanent party berthing room, excluding the private bathroom, is about 320 square feet. Each room is provided with a separate three-fixture bathroom that includes toilet, shower, and sink. The basic furnishings provided for each member are a bed, nightstand, locker, desk, wastebasket, lamp, and a desk chair. Each room contains a micro-fridge (combination compact refrigerator with microwave) for use by all occupants assigned to the room.  Basic bed linens will be issued to personnel upon check-in. Permanent party personnel in pay grades E-4 and above will be assigned a private room. Permanent party personnel E-3 and below will be assigned two persons to a room.

    Enlisted personnel assigned TAD (E-9 and below) to the Cape May area may utilize TRACEN’s UPH transient berthing facilities. Reservations for UPH facilities can be made by calling the CMAA at (609) 898-6220.



                                                                                   UPH Reservations