Recruiting Schools

Welcome and congratulations on your orders to Recruiter or Recruiter-in-Charge School. Both schools provide personnel assigned to recruiting duties with the skills necessary to successfully recruit and process qualified applicants for entry into the Coast Guard in accordance with annual recruiting goals and policies.  

Recruiter School

The over-arching purpose of this course is to enable Recruiters to more effectively recruit: that is, to reach out into a given community and encourage the best prospective Coast Guard members to join, not to simply be content with or rely upon only those individuals who seek out the Recruiter.

The course instructors more closely resemble coaches than teachers…their purpose is to improve each individual student’s abilities to locate, evaluate, and to persuasively communicate with prospective Coast Guard members.

Course Requirements

There are a significant amount of out-of-class assignments, both individual and group based. Some assignments take place over weekends and or holidays. Weekly exams are cumulative in nature. You will be required to do several oral presentations, ranging from formal to impromptu, along with various role-playing scenarios, all of which are videotaped for student, peer, and instructor critiques. Students will observe various stages of Recruit Training (Boot Camp) during their stay.

Course Outline

This Recruiter Course provides training in public speaking and listening skills, prospecting and marketing, salesmanship, benefit knowledge, recruit preparation and motivation, recruiting concepts, and applicant processing. The course is group-paced, and the schedule is flexible and responsive to the needs and dynamics of each particular class. Check TQC website for schedule.

Recruiter-in-Charge School

This course is intended for personnel assigned as a Recruiter-in-Charge at a recruiting office or in receipt of orders to a RIC position. Recruiters-in-Charge should attend this course prior to assuming RIC duties or as soon as possible after transfer to a recruiting unit. Although it is not required, it is highly encouraged that you attend this class after Recruiter School. Many of the terms and procedures for recruiting are not taught in this course.

Course Outline

The Recruiter-in-Charge course provides personnel assigned as a RIC with the training necessary to manage a recruiting office in accordance with annual recruiting goals and policies. This week-long course will provide you the opportunity to meet with staff at Training Center Cape May and different program coordinators at Coast Guard Recruiting Command.

Further Information

For other needs and concerns please contact the School Chief at (609) 898 6361.