Training Center Cape May is host to five resident training programs including: Recruit Training, Direct Entry Petty Officer Training, Company Commander School, Recruiter School and Recruiter-in-Charge School.


Recruit Training

Recruit training is a 53-day program designed to transform America’s civilian volunteers into military members of the United States Coast Guard.


Direct Entry Petty Officer Training

Direct Entry Petty Officer Training is a specialized three-week training program created to produce Petty Officers who, on the basis of their civilian professions and/or prior military experience, will graduate as highly motivated and basically trained Coast Guard men and women ready to assume the duties and responsibilities of their pay grades and rates.


Company Commander School

Company Commander School is a seven-week program created to prepare Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers to effectively serve as Company Commanders. All enlisted personnel assigned to Training Center Cape May as Company Commanders, Section Commanders and Battalion Commanders must attend Company Commander School.


Recruiter & Recruiter in Charge Schools

Recruiter School is a three-week program designed to teach Coast Guard members assigned to recruiting offices throughout the country to be effective in their recruiting efforts. They learn how to engage communities and encourage the best prospective Coast Guard recruits to join. This proactive approach builds community relations and ensures that individuals interested in military service have the opportunity to see what the Coast Guard has to offer.

Recruiter-in-Charge School provides recruiting officer supervisors the tools and methods necessary to manage a recruiting office and to effectively screen and process applicants desiring enlistment into the Coast Guard.