Community Relations

Coast Guardsmen stationed in Cape May volunteer thousands of hours and support hundreds of community events and educational programs. Our primary volunteer effort is Partnership in Education, which enhances educational opportunities and career awareness for the nation’s youth through direct participation in education related programs. Often, our Coast Guardsmen work directly with students to heighten their awareness of traditional Coast Guard values, drug-free lifestyles, emphasis on scholarship, personal initiative, responsibility, and individual self-worth.

We also support a variety of community events throughout the region including parades, ceremonies and celebrations. We provide highly-trained ceremonial services that specialize as color guards, firing parties, and buglers. These services are provided free of charge; however, requesters must provide transportation and support for participating Coast Guardsmen.

Finally, we open our own installation to the community. Youth organizations and veterans may schedule a tour of our facility with one of our expert volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary tour coordinators. Our staff hosts several Sunset Parades each year in which the training center is open to the public for a full review of the Recruit Regiment.