The Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) is located on the second deck of the command building. The Division is made up of three branches: Administration, Permanent Party SPO and Recruit SPO. The office also contains the ID Card, Education, Travel, and House Hold Goods Offices.  



    It is important that all Permanent Party personnel check in with Administration upon reporting to Training Center Cape May. You will be added to unit rosters, your security information will be evaluated, clearances will be updated as necessary, and you will be assigned a check-in sheet.

    Permanent Party SPO

    The Permanent Party Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) at Training Center Cape May maintains 650 active duty and reservist pay accounts. Our area of responsibility is centralized in the Cape May area and various outlying units. Our goal is quality customer service and our staff is dedicated to timely, accurate support for all personnel. Contact myself or anyone on my staff for assistance or further information

    Identification Cards

    Military identification cards are issued by appointment Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1500. Please contact the administration staff at 609-898-6337 or 6340 to make an appointment. Please review the ID Card Process to ensure you are prepared with all of the required information and documentation