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Water Testing


Water testing is provided by the Coast Guard or the contractor CHC as needed.


Housing Unit Test Result Date Sampled
1724 D complete 9/1/2022
1754 D complete 9/1/2022
1761 A complete 9/1/2022



CHC maintains the structure, fixtures and appliances inside and outside the housing units. Housing Maintenance does NOT assign housing, police housing, work with the bus contract or enforce CG housing regulations. Please contact the housing office at 609-898-6219 for any questions with these areas. Facilities Maintenance works on the utilities (gas meters, electrical, some water lines) and also provides lawn maintenance and tree trimming in common areas. If there is an issue with those services you can call the Maintenance Branch LT at 609-898-6401.


Please give a thorough read through the welcome to housing flyer for all the information you need to know about maintenance in your unit. If you have questions, concerns or have an issue with service please contact us at 609-898-6401 (for the Maintenance Branch LT).  Feedback can submitted on the submit a work order page.  Please contact us with ANY issues- no matter how small. We strive to give you the best possible service and want to make sure our customers are happy!