Grades are due 30 days after course completion.
  If your grades are overdue , you can submit a grade report to Issue Tracker in My CG Ed


Tuition Assistance (TA)       

The Coast Guard tuition assistance program is designed to assist Coast Guard personnel in broadening academic or technical backgrounds by providing funding for off-duty independent education. Specific policy and guidelines are outlined in ALCOAST 359/21 - SEP 2021 FY22 COAST GUARD TUITION ASSISTANCE (TA) POLICY

Tuition Assistance is NOT authorized for prerequisite / bridge courses that are at a level lower than the degree you currently hold (i.e. members with a conferred Bachelor’s degree may not use TA to cover any additional bachelor level courses that may be required prior to full acceptance to a desired Master’s level degree program).
You can submit TA Applications up to 90 days from the class start date, NLT than 14 days prior to the course start date.


TA Eligibility & Counseling  

Tuition Assistance (TA) is authorized for Active Duty military and Reserve members affiliated with the Selected Reserve (SELRES).  

Note: Members of SELRES must be drilling reservists with satisfactory progress in the current anniversary year and have met the participation standards for the previous anniversary year.  

Member’s Responsibility and TA 

Members seeking to use TA is responsible for validating that they meet all of the eligibility requirements prior to applying for TA.  


Seek counseling from your local ESO as needed to assist with making the right educational decision. TA Career Decide is another great resource to help make an informed decision on school selection and educational program.  

It is imperative that you thoroughly read current ACN 359/21 and ACN 028/21 (CAC Enabled) prior to application submission.  Degrees at the same or lower level than you already have are not authorized. 

Submit your TA application (one course per application) to your Command Approver up to 90 days prior to class start date, no later than 14 days prior to the course start date. 

Upload all applicable documents required for TA approval (e.g., degree plan and point statement if SELRES). 

Log back into MyCG Ed, print your TA authorization and send to academic institution.  

Note: Members should never start a class without an approved TA AUTHORIZATION in hand. Starting a class without an approved authorization is at the member’s expense. 

Ensure finalize grades are posted in MyCG Ed within 3 weeks of course completion.  If your academic institution is unsure how to post grades or invoice, the information can be found here

Note: If you receive notifications from the below email addresses, respond and submit the appropriate documentation.  



TA User Manual

The TA user manual is located inside MyCG Ed​ for assistance in entering the TA Application​






The Coast Guard will fund tuition cost not to exceed $250.00 per semester hour, or $166.67 per quarter hours or $16.67 per clock hour.



Undergraduate: 130 Semester Hours

Graduate: 40 Semester Hours


Quick Facts:


  • Schools must have a current DOD MOU in order to utilize TA.  
  • Mandatory (acceptable) Degree plans are required after the completion of the 2nd course or 6 semester hours using TA.
  • Fees or expenses not listed as tuition is not authorized.
  • The student is financially responsible for any tuition costs incurred without an approved TA voucher in hand. 
  • Failure to pass a course with a "C" or higher for undergraduate courses, a "B" or higher for graduate courses will require reimbursement of TA.