Outdoor Camping

The TRACEN Cape May Campground consists of six primitive (tent only) campsites located just south of the softball field. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring and trash/recycling receptacle. Camping equipment is also available to rent for a nominal charge. Sponsored guests of authorized patrons assigned to TRACEN Cape May are also allowed to use the campground as long as the sponsor assumes responsibility for their guests including the payment of all fees.

Campground Rules and Regulations
TCCM Camping Registration Form

Boy and Girl Scouts of America


The USCG Training Center located in Cape May, New Jersey offers scouts the opportunity for weekend camping on the base.  We begin accepting campground request on March 1 of each year and the campground, which is for tent camping only, is open from the first weekend in April through the second weekend in October.  Available for use are fire rings, running cold water, and electricity.  There are no shower facilities, only port-a-potties.   Your troop may make arrangements for a tour of the base, use the enlisted dining hall for meals, and attend church service at the chapel on Sunday.


Complete our SCOUT CAMPING REGISTRATION FORM  and send the form to D05-SMB-TRACENCM-MWR@USCG.MIL, mail, or by fax at 609-898-6884. Click here to complete our form.  Your council must have a current license agreement with the United States Coast Guard Training Center and proof of liability insurance.  Once the letter of request is received and the license agreement and insurance is verified, we will send a confirmation letter and a packet of information.


Campground Rules and Regulations


If your council does not have an up to date license agreement with the United States Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, please have a representative from the council submit a letter requesting an agreement.  The letter must include the name and telephone number of the contact person as well as the name and title of the person who is authorized to sign the agreement.  To expedite the process, it would be helpful to attach a copy of the council’s current Certificate of Insurance, which can be sent electronically or faxed to 609-898-6582.



If you need more information, please feel free to contact our office at 609-898-6922


Mail to: Commanding Officer
  USCG Training Center Cape May
  Attention: MWR
  1 Munro Avenue
  Cape May, NJ 08204
Fax: 609-898-6922