ID cards are issued on an appointment basis by calling 609.898.6337. Please make an online appointment using the rapids online appointment scheduler link below. Read the following information prior to making an appointment and thank you for choosing TRACEN Cape May for your DEERS/ID Card needs. For questions, please call (609) 898-6337.

Hours of Operation
Monday – (1300 – 1500)
Tues/Wed – (0730 – 1200)
 Recruit ID Processing only 
Thursday – (0730 – 1100, 1300 – 1500)
Friday – (0730 – 0930)  Recruit ID Processing only(1230 – 1500 Dependent ID’s for Graduates)

DEERS/Rapids Online Appointment Scheduler
To schedule an appointment online please click on the following link –

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Print confirmation page or have your confirmation number when you arrive for your appointment. It can take up to 30 minutes per card.

Cancel/Reschedule Appointments

Customers will need to know their confirmation number to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Please keep a copy of your appointment confirmation number.

Walk-in/Stand-by Customers

Emergency only, such as, lost/stolen CAC ID Card. Exceptions will be made to any lost/stolen dependent ID if the Sponsor is underway/deployed. All emergency requests must be approved by the Chief or ID Card Section.


** No appointment required for SSN updates for newborns or CAC Card block/pin number resets


Please be ready to provide the following forms of documentation:

  • Two unexpired forms of identification are required, one of which must have a photo.
  • DD 214
  • Marriage License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Other Pertinent Documentation

Any individual replacing a military ID card (unless lost) must bring their old ID card, in addition to the applicable documents listed above. The following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • U. S. Military Card
  • U. S. Passport
  • U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  • U. S. Social Security Card
  • U. S. Citizen ID Card
  • Military Dependent ID card
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Driver’s license
  • State, local, federal ID Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Unexpired Employment Authorization Card
  • Unexpired Temporary Resident Card
  • Foreign Passport
  • School ID with Photo
  • Voter’s Registration Card
Under the Age of 18
  • U. S. Social Secruity Card
  • School Record or Report Card
  • School ID with Photo
  • Birth Certificate
  • Clinic, Doctor, or Hospital Record
  • Day-care or Nursery School Report

Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, USPHS and NOAA

All Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Military ID Cards can be issued at CG Training Center Cape May.  In addition to the required forms of identification listed above, please follow the guidance and bring in the appropriate documentation listed below for your situation:

Re-enlistment/ Extension Copy of your Re-enlistment contract or Extension paperwork.
Advancement Copy of advancement certificate, LES reflecting advancement, or Headquarters Advancement Message.
Lost/ Stolen Card You will need to fill out a police report with your local Police Department and provide a copy for our records. If lost on base, Contact Security Office @ 609.898.6915 to make an appointment to file a report.
Retired ID Card Initial issue bring in your retirement orders or your DD Form 214, which shows you have retired.
Note If lost or stolen, also bring your retirement orders or letter assigning you to either the TDRL or PDRL or DD Form 214 showing retirement status.

Dependent ID Cards
For dependent ID cards, the sponsor must be present to sign the DD Form 1172-2. If the sponsor is not available, the dependent must have a previously signed 1172-2 (within 90 days of signature) signed by their sponsor and the VO/SSM or a POA. Call for further details.

Adding a Spouse to DEERS
When adding a spouse to DEERS, the sponsor needs to bring the following documents for their spouse: Marriage Certificate, birth certificate, social security card, & a photo ID (driver's license). All documents must be originals or certified copies.

Adding Children to DEERS
When adding a child to DEERS, the sponsor must have the following documents: birth certificate & social security card (if received). For a newborn, hospital record and social security card (if received). If a stepchild is being added, the marriage certificate is also needed. Documents must be originals or certified copies.

Full Time College Students
Students must bring a letter from their school registrar's office verifying enrollment as full time in an accredited college in pursuit of an AA Degree or higher along with an anticipated graduation date in order to have ID card benefits extended to graduation date or 23rd birthday, whichever come first.

Conditions for Issuance of Dependent ID Cards

  • Any change in the sponsor's status affecting the use of the card should be reported to the nearest Identification Card issuing facility.
  • It is unlawful for a person to use a card to which they are not entitled.
  • No person shall have in their custody more than one valid DD Form 1173 in their own name.
  • The loss or theft of an identification card will be reported promptly by the individual concerned through the resubmission of a DD Form 1172 at the nearest ID Card issuing facility.

* To be valid, common law marriages must have been entered into a state that recognizes common law marriages.

Dependent spouses who have never had a military ID should bring the following documentation (originals only): -Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Soc Sec Card, driver's license.

**Appropriate civilian attire is required for all Soldiers, dependents, Retirees, DOD Civilians Contractors.** Military members must adhere to their services grooming standards.

100% Disabled Veteran (DAV) Cards

You must bring in the VA letter (VA 20-8992), which states that you are authorized Commissary and Exchange privileges and whether or not any further physicals are required. Also, a copy of your DD-214 must also be brought with the VA letter. 

This VA letter will start out as follows: "The following certificate is furnished for your use in obtaining

Contact your local VA rep if you need this letter. No other type of letter will be accepted, this is per DOD and DOT ID card regulations, which state:

"Documentation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for honorably discharged veterans who are evaluated 100-per-cent disabled must certify that the veteran is entitled to commissary and exchange privileges and indicate whether a reevaluation is necessary. In addition to VA certification, the veteran must also present a DD Form 214, "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty"

Initial Issue Bring the VA letter and a copy of your DD 214 into the ID card office and the proper ID will be issued to you.
Re-issue If your card needs to be re-issued due to one of the following reasons, be sure to bring in the proper documentation as stated below.
Mutilated Card Your DAV letter, your ID card, and two forms of valid identification, one must have a photo.
Lost/Stolen Card Members must wait 24 hours before issuance of new ID card for a lost card. Stolen cards member must have the police report. Bring two forms of valid identification; one must be a photo ID. You will need to fill out a local form explaining the circumstances and it will need to be notarized by our onboard notary.
Note If lost or stolen, also bring your retirement orders or letter assigning you to either the TDRL or PDRL or DD Form 214 showing retirement status.