TRACEN Petaluma

Housing Office

Welcome to the Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma Housing Branch web site. We are committed to providing you with a quality living environment and friendly service.

We strive for quality and excellence in everything we do and are always looking for ways to serve you better. The Housing Branch manages the berthing needs for permanent detailed personnel.

If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, please let us know!

Maintenance Work Orders:


Family Housing

Hours 0730 - 1600
Housing Officer (707) 765-7238
Housing Manager (707) 765-7145
FAX Machine (707) 765-7158
Housing Office E-mail

TDY Students

Hours: 0600 - 1530
After Hours Duty MAA 1530 - 0600

CMAA (707) 765-7173
Assistant CMAA (707) 765-7962
Barracks Manager (707) 765-7171
Duty MAA (707) 765-7500
FAX Machine (707) 765-7111
Harrison Hall (707) 765-7187

Guest Lodging

Hours 0900 - 1800
Reservations (707) 765-7248


All officers and enlisted personnel who are entitled to BAH with dependents and are accompanied by their dependents are eligible for Training Center Petaluma family housing.

We are the primary housing site for personnel permanently assigned to Training Center Petaluma, NAVCEN, Station Bodega Bay, CGC Sockeye, ESD Petaluma, CPO Academy, and PACAREA Armory North.

Assignment Policy

As good stewards of the taxpayer’s money, Training Center Petaluma actively strives to maintain the Coast Guard’s standard of 95% minimum occupancy level of our housing site. Therefore, all eligible personnel reporting to the commands listed above should expect to be assigned to government housing if housing is available.

Please see: TRACEN Petaluma Instruction 11101.1I, Housing Assignment Process (available on the CGWeb only).

Housing Release

A release from assignment to government housing must be obtained from your new command (THAT'S US!) prior to procuring housing in the local community. This means that if you find a place to live in the local community, you must first receive a release from the housing office to reside off base. Be aware that entitlement to BAH will not be processed without a signed release. If you have any questions, contact the housing staff at 707-765-7145.


Personnel eligible for assignment to Training Center Petaluma housing shall apply by submitting the following documents:

Housing Application Documents
Form Number Document Name
DD-1746 Application for Assignment to Military Housing
CG-4170A BAH/Dependency
  Copy of your PCS orders or authority

Remember to annotate your application with any special needs you have.

The above documents can be faxed to us at (707) 765-7158 or emailed to the following address:

Housing Office E-mail

Permanent Party

Family Housing

Training Center Petaluma Family Housing units include: Command Quarters, Senior Personnel Housing units (E-8 and above), and Enlisted Housing units (E-1 through E-7).


TRACEN Petaluma does not have Unaccompanied Personnel Housing available. All Permanent Party personnel without dependents are authorized Basic Allowance for Housing without dependents for this area after they obtain a release from Housing.

Student Personnel

ET, IT, and HS "A" School students will not be authorized to reside in Family Housing onboard TRACEN Petaluma. All incoming ET, IT, and HS "A" School students who are married should contact the Housing Office at TRACEN Petaluma for information on housing options in Novato or to obtain authorization for BAH to rent on the economy when Novato Housing is not available

Photos of Novato housing can be found at the following link:

All other schools will not be authorized dependents to reside with them will attending "A" School.

Student Barracks information can be found at the Reporting Aboard page.

Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I get my name put on the Housing Waiting List?

Answer: Personnel eligible for assignment to TRACEN Petaluma housing shall apply using an Application for Assignment to Military Housing, DD-1746. A copy of the PCS orders, BAH Dependency/Emergency Data. Please email to or Fax to (707) 765-7158.

Question: How does the Housing Waiting List work?

Answer: Separate waiting lists will be maintained for senior personnel (E-9 and above) and enlisted personnel ( E-8 and below) for each bedroom type. Applications will be placed on the appropriate waiting list according to their control date. You will be contacted by the email or phone number you provide on your application once the housing unit is available based on your needs.

Question: What are the houses like?

Answer: There are 127 units aboard the Training Center. We have a variety of duplex, 4-plex and 8-plex units with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Be aware that some housing units have a narrow stairway with multiple turns to access the second floor. Due to this configuration large furniture items such as one piece King Size Box Springs will not fit. Members experiencing this problem have gone to a two piece King Size Box Spring. You will not be permitted to alter the house or remove windows in order to fit your furniture in the house. Certain units may have access issues with front loading washer/dryers. Please notify the housing office well in advance if you own front loading washer/dryer.

Question: Is Assignment to Government Housing in TRACEN Petaluma Mandatory?

Answer: Yes, assignment is mandatory. All incoming members getting station at TRACEN Petaluma must contact the housing office and submit a housing application. From there you will be placed on our waiting list or granted a release onto the economy when housing is not available.

Prior to procuring a residence on the economy, you will need to obtain a Request for Release from Government Housing (DD-1747).

Question: If I haven't been granted a release, but housing won't be available when I arrive, what do I do?

Answer: There are several options. You may want to:

(1) Make arrangements with Guest Lodging here at TRACEN (707) 765-7248 for a short duration stay, or Novato Temporary Quarters, (415) 506-3130, for a longer duration stay. Please be advised that Novato Temporary Quarters has limited units accepting pets.

(2) Have your family remain where they presently are located or with family and report in as a geographical bachelor until quarters are available, or

(3) Seek help from your sponsor in locating a temporary (month by month) residence or motel.

Question: What is the pet policy for government owned housing?

Answer: Residents are limited to two pets per household. Fish, birds, and other similar caged animals are exempt from the two pets per household.

There is no longer a breed restriction, but the dog may be removed for demonstrated instances of aggressive behavior such as unprovoked barking, growling, or snarling at people approaching the animal, aggressively running along fence line when people are present, biting or scratching people, and escaping confinement or restriction to chase people.

During your check in with housing you will need to fill out a Pet Registration Form and provide current rabies vaccination for all animals. The rabies vaccine will be maintained and up to date during your assignment to housing.

Question: If I'm single do I have to live in the barracks?

Answer: If you are a single member reporting to TRACEN permanent staff you may be granted a release onto the economy and may start receiving Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) without dependents to obtain quarters on the economy.

TRACEN Petaluma has limited availability Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) or barracks for permanent party members (E-5 and below).

Single E-2/ E-3 members assigned to CGC SOCKEYE will always be assigned to a permanent party barracks room. For TRACEN and Station Bodega Bay, members may be assigned based on availability.

Question: What amenities does the owned housing have?

Amenities in Housing

  • Washer and Dryer Hookups
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Glass Top Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Small Storage Shed & Alternative Storage
  • Heating
  • Built-in microwave
  • Ceiling Fans in Bedrooms and Living Room
  • Carpet on Stairs and Engineered Wood Flooring Throughout Unit
  • Ceramic Tile in Kitchen
  • Corian Countertops
  • 2" Faux Wood Blinds
  • Fenced Back Yards with Pergolas
  • Self Help Sheds with Lawn Equipment

Amenities on Base

  • Walking / Jogging Paved Trails
  • Beautiful Views
  • Multiple Play Grounds in Housing
  • Skate Park
  • Walking Path to Two Rock Elementary
  • Lake/ Recreation Area
  • Recreational Rentals
  • Gym with Covered Pool
  • On Base Movie Theatre
  • Library
  • Bowling Alley
  • Consolidated Club
  • Two Rock Coffee Co.
  • Two Rock Pizza
  • Subway
  • Galley
  • Teen Center
  • Tailor Shop/ Dry Cleaning
  • Exchange
  • Child Development Center
  • Chapel
  • Sea West Credit Union
  • Barber Shop/ Salon

Question: Who sends my welcome aboard package?

Answer: Work Life Alameda provides relocation packages. If you do not receive a Welcome Aboard Package, please contact them at (800) 872-4957 x252.

Question: Does Training Center Petaluma have Leased housing?

Answer: No, the Training Center does not have a Gov't Lease Program at present.