Instructor Development Course

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a 5-day course that uses a multi-dimensional method of instruction to deliver a performance-based, trainee-centered curriculum where IDC Students practice the skills they've learned.

The course is designed to challenge Coast Guard members assigned to instructional duties, of whatever type, to stretch themselves and grow no matter what level they are at when they enter IDC training.

Course Overview

From the traditional lecturer to the group facilitator, IDC can improve training skills for all types of Coast Guard trainers. The five-day IDC provides trainers with tools and skills to deliver training and presentations based on the Instructor Competencies as outlined by ibstpi (International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction).

Course Requirements

Current standards for the "PERJC" qualification code can be found in Coast Guard Training System Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Volume 13 (bottom of the page)

Applying for School

Class convening’s are published on the Training Quota Management Center (TQC) web site. On that page, select " Class Schedules " , then select" "C" School Schedules", in the pop-up window select "Training System", in the drop down box select
"230140 - INSTRUCTORDEVELOPMENT COURSE" and press "GO" to view the course synopsis and class schedule.

Submit an electronic training request via Direct Access.

Course Outline

Instructor Development Course (IDC) Curriculum

  • Given an assigned classroom and a lesson plan, SET UP the classroom IAW the classroom setup checklist.

  • Given a lesson plan, students, training aids, equipment, and a prepared classroom, REHEARSE the lesson IAW the Instructor Feedback Form (IFF) and Instructor Competencies Guide.

  • Given a lesson plan, students, training aids, equipment, and a prepared classroom, DELIVER instruction IAW the lesson plan and the Instructor Feedback Form. All participants should be able to demonstrate the learning objective at the end of the training period or be provided with appropriate remedial training if they did not meet the objective.

Course Modules

  • Identifying Instructor Competencies

  • Adult Learning Principles

  • Understanding Objectives

  • Components of an Instructor Guide

  • Presentation Skills

  • Effective Question Techniques

  • Types of Instructional Media

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Sustaining Student Motivation

  • Managing the Learning Environment

  • Interactive Training Techniques