Lunch Meal Times
Time Group
1100 ET / IT (Students and Instructors)
1110 HS / OS (Students and Instructors)
1120 INDOC  (Students and Instructors)
1130 SK / YN (Students and Instructors)
1140 AST / CPOA (AST Head of Line, Students and Instructors)
MAA / "C" school students (Students and Instructors), TRACEN Permanent Party, Civilians, Dependents, Contractors
Open to Students and Permanent Party Only
Normal meal service
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
0600-0715 1100-1230 1630-1745
Open to Students, Permanent Party & Dependents. 
Open to retirees (WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS ONLY).
Weekend and Holiday meal service
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
0800-1000 1100-1230 1630-1730
See the Meal Rate Changes CG Message for details on price changes.
Meal Prices
Meal CG Standard Meal Rate CG Full Meal Rate
Breakfast $2.85 $4.85
Lunch $5.70 $9.70
Dinner $5.70 $9.70
Midnight rations/snacks $2.85 $4.85

Military Attire

Uniform of the day is always appropriate

Civilian Attire

  • Patrons may wear civilian attire in the CGDF with the following exceptions:
  • Dirty, torn or otherwise mutilated clothing of any kind (includes military uniforms and civilian clothing)
  • Combinations of military and civilian clothing (excluding the blue CG t-shirt)
  • Headgear of any type (excluding food service personnel on duty, law enforcement personnel under arms, religious headgear, and headgear deemed necessary for medical purposes)
  • Open toed shoes of any type (applies to military personnel)
  • Halter tops, sport bras, tank tops, or any upper-body garment that exposes the midriff
  • Pants or shorts without a hem
  • Any attire that is sweaty, dirty, or otherwise soiled. This includes gym attire as well as work attire
  • Revealing shorts, pants or skirts exposing undergarments
  • Plain white undershirts
  • Sleepwear
  • Clothing with language or logos showing or discussing illegal drugs, containing anti-military messages, or depicting messages or pictures that are sexual in nature
  • Other clothing deemed inappropriate by the watch captain on duty in the galley
The instructors on duty have the authority to remove and report any person(s) not complying with the above standards.

Other Attire

The Commanding Officer or Executive Officer may allow other attire under special circumstances. Only duty flight crews can wear flight suits in the CGDF.

Backpacks & Bags

All backpacks, briefcases, and bags shall be stowed in the hat/coat storage area near the CGDF entrance and not carried into the dining room.


Address any questions or concerns regarding the dress code to the FSO or Galley Supervisor.