TRACEN Petaluma

Reporting to TRACEN Petaluma


Address: 599 Tomales Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

Make all transportation arrangements early. Plan on delays into and out of San Francisco International Airport

Bring sufficient uniform items to meet the requirements of the school you are attending. A full sea bag is required to “A” School students.

Bring sufficient cash or other monetary support.

Bring a light jacket or sweater. Even our summer evenings are usually rather cool.

Students are encouraged to bring their own sporting equipment, especially those staying for a long period of time, for activities such as biking, softball, baseball, tennis, skateboarding, etc.

Students are allowed to have personal phones and TV’s in their rooms. However, you must bring these items with you or purchase them here.

Towels are not provided in the barracks. Students must bring or purchase their own.

Pack judiciously. Storage space in the barracks is limited.

Do not bring weapons. As there is no Armory storage facility at TRACEN Petaluma, students may not bring weapons, ammunition, or gunpowder on board.

If arriving by air, San Francisco International Airport is the preferred airport for arrivals to TRACEN Petaluma due to the more frequent runs to Petaluma via ground transportation. The USO lounge is open 24 hours and is located on the Mezzanine Level of Terminal 1 (directions).


Oakland International Airport is a viable option but ground transportation to TRACEN Petaluma is more sporadic so please allow for additional waiting time when using the Oakland Airport. Unfortunately, there is no USO at the Oakland Airport.


The recommended ground transportation travel from SFO and OAK is the Airport Express, a commercial shuttle, which provides direct services from San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport to Petaluma seven days a week.  Reservations are not required, but are recommended to ensure seating.  Departures are every hour from 0530-0030 (check the schedule to verify).  Visit or call (707) 837-8700, or (800)327-2024.


Cost is $32 for a one-way ticket (ask for a military rate).  Note:  This is the military discount price.  Military prices must be requested and verification, with military ID, is required.  The cost is reimbursable.


Drop-off point in Petaluma is the Petaluma Fairgrounds terminal.


Taxi's from either OAK or SFO should be used only when there are no other options as the drive to TRACEN Petaluma is over an hour and the bill will be several hundred dollars!


After arriving in Petaluma, take a taxi or the liberty van to the Training Center. 


Note: There are several restaurants within walking distance of the Fairgrounds. If you are arriving outside of galley or other service hours, this will be the last chance for you to purchase a meal.


Taxi:  The ride is approximately 20 minutes, and costs approximately $40.  The cost of the taxi is reimbursable, so keep your receipt.  Take the taxi directly to Horsley Hall.


Training Center Liberty Van provides transportation between the Training Center and various points in Petaluma.  This service is for students during their stay at Training Center Petaluma (after checking-in and prior to departure), but may be used by arriving students on a space available basis only.  Due to capacity limitations, personnel traveling under orders should be prepared to take commercial transportation.  These policies are not affected by the pay grade of the rider.  Dependents are not authorized to ride the liberty van.  To check to see if the liberty van will be stopping at the Fairgrounds around the time you are to arrive via ground transportation, please contact (707)765-7500.


Santa Rosa Airport is also NOT recommended as a gateway to Petaluma as it has limited scheduled airline service and ground transportation, other than taxi, is not available.

Petaluma is located about 40 miles North of San Francisco and 20 miles South of Santa Rosa.

  • Take Highway 101 to Petaluma
  • Exit at East Washington Street
  • Head west on East Washington Street about 10 miles to Tomales Road. Note: East Washington Street becomes Bodega Avenue after it passes through Petaluma. A sign is posted at the intersection of Bodega Avenue and Tomales Road with the words "Coast Guard Training Center" and an arrow indicating the correct direction.
  • Turn left on Tomales Road. Proceed about one mile to a flashing amber light. Turn left (at the light) into the Training Center entrance. The address is 599 Tomales Road, Petaluma, CA 94952.
  • Report to the Training Center Police Department just inside the main gate to register your car, ask questions and to receive directions to your barracks.

While aboard TRACEN Petaluma you must have in your possession the following items in order to register your vehicle:

  • Proof of Auto Insurance. You are required to have liability coverage on your vehicle. If you do not have proof of insurance in your possession or do not have insurance you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle on or off the base. You will be required to park your vehicle next to the base police building until you can show proof of insurance. The state of California requires you to maintain insurance to drive, that includes vehicles registered outside of California.
  • Vehicle Registration. The vehicle does not need to be registered in your name, but your name must appear on the insurance policy. If you are driving a rental car you will need a copy of the Rental Car Agreement.
  • Military ID and Driver's License.


If you are driving a motorcycle to Training Center Petaluma, the following is required:

  • Proof of completion of a certified State or National Motorcycle Safety Course;
  • Valid State driver's license with motorcycle endorsement;
  • Headlight on while driving;
  • Motorcycle shall be equipped with rear-view mirrors;
  • Driver and passenger must wear a DOT approved helmet properly fastened under the chin;
  • Properly worn impact or shatter resistant eye protective device; and
  • Glasses, goggles, or a full face shield attached to the helmet - Windshield or fairings are NOT adequate eye protection.

Motorcycle drivers and passengers are strongly encouraged to wear the following:

  • Leather footwear with over-the-ankle coverage;
  • Leather, full-fingered gloves, trousers, and long-sleeved shirt or jacket; and
  • High visibility (retro-reflective) outer garments


Unless directed otherwise by Lodging Staff, check in at the Horsley Hall Quarterdeck.

Directions: from the Main Gate, enter the base on Pennsylvania Ave. and continue to the second stop sign (Colorado Ave.) and turn left. Follow Colorado Ave. to just past California Ave. and turn left into the Horsley Hall parking lot.

C-School Barracks Note: If you are attending C-School you will be staying at Harrison Hall, Mace Hall or H-Complex which are cost barracks. The cost per night will be $30-$55 for Harrison Hall depending on rank/occupancy, $30.00 for Mace Hall, $25.00 per night for H-Complex berthing or $30-$50 for Steadman depending on rank/occupancy. Please make sure you have cost orders. Verify your order with your command Yeoman or TQC. Please make sure you have a travel card, and bring it with you when you report for your C-School.

You will be sent a confirmation of your barracks assignment one week prior to your course convening date.  Please call if you did not receive the emailed confirmation.  Confirmation will not be sent earlier due to roster changes and possible room/barracks changes for members. 

Your bill and berthing information will be in your envelope when you check into Horsley Hall. Check out is at the Consolidated Club Lodging Office on Nevada Ave  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (closed Saturday and Sunday). You can pay anytime in these hours after check-in.

Permanent Party:

Permanent Party should report to the Customer Service Center between the hours of 0800-1500 Monday through Friday. If after normal business hours check in at Horsley Hall.

Assignments will be arranged by school, course, and gender.
  • Horsley Hall
  • WiFi Available in common areas
    In room Internet access available (call MWR)
    3-4 Man rooms with private head
  • Steadman Hall
  • WiFi Available in common areas
    In room Internet access available (call MWR)
    3-4 Man rooms with private head

C School Students

Barracks (Cost)

  • Harrison Hall - $30-$55 per night
  • Rate depends on rank, single or double occupancy WiFi available common areas, 1-2 Man rooms with private head
  • Mace Hall - $30 per night
  • WiFi Available in all common areas
    1-2 Man rooms with community head
  • H-Complex - $25 per night
  • WiFi Available in all common areas
  • Steadman Hall East - $30-$50 per night
  • Rate depends on rank, single, or double occupancy WiFi available common areas, modems in rooms 1-2 Man rooms with private head

Room Furnishings

All barracks rooms are furnished with beds, a desk, a locker and a small dresser for each resident. Based on this limited allotment of furniture, it is recommended that you pack sparingly.

Towels and Towel Service

There is towel service within all class "C" School berthing

Washing Machines

Washing machines and dryers are available free of charge in the barracks. Laundry soap is not provided, but is available on base at the Coast Guard Exchange. 

Other Items to Bring

A lock for your locker, shower shoes (flip-flops) for the bathroom, and Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers to store any dry food you may purchase while attached to your school. Please note that open containers in your room are not permitted. Please secure the containers with the lids when not in use.

Base Cable/Internet

Free WiFi internet access is available in all the common areas in each barracks building. High-speed Internet and Cable TV is available for purchase in Horsley Hall and Steadman Hall for “A” School students. Please contact the MWR Office for more information and fees.

WIFI is available in the Consolidated Club / Two Rock Pizza during their regular business hours.

The library includes a full-service PC multimedia center with internet access, scanning capability, and free printing.

Please call the MWR for more information and information on hooking up in-room internet and cable access (for Horsley Hall and Steadman Hall only).

  • "A" Schools
  • CS

    School Chief: CSCM Richard Faria 707-765-7007
    Assistant School Chief: CSCS Christopher Smith 707-765-7815

  • ET

    School Chief: ETCM Kevin Eldridge 707-765-7991
    Assistant School Chief: ETCS Tom Stout 707-765-7006

  • HS

    School Chief: HSCM Glenn Royes 707-765-7487
    Assistant School Chief: HSCS Eugene Porterfield 707-765-7046

  • IT

    School Chief: ITCM Nia Stemley 707-765-7285
    Assistant School Chief: ITCS Javier Gallegos 707-765-7038

  • OS

    School Chief: OSCM Luke Cutburth 707-765-7086
    Assistant School Chief: OSCS Christopher Cole 707-765-7198

  • SK

    School Chief: SKCM George Bou 707-765-7870
    Assistant School Chief: SKC Robert Thomas 707-765-7107

  • YN

    School Chief: YNCM Ron Chester 707-765-7105
    Assistant School Chief: YNC Matthew Sharp 707-765-7717

Upon arrival to TRACEN Petaluma your participation in the Petty Officer Indoctrination Program will be mandatory. During this phase of your training your off-base liberty must be earned and will be granted on/or about day 10.

The Petty Officer Indoctrination Program prepares students to be successful in "A" School and clearly defines your expected behavior while in training at TRACEN Petaluma. It is the first step toward becoming a Petty Officer in the Coast Guard.

Your indoctrination schedule will include events and classes during the day, evenings and weekends. Classes include (but are not limited to) apprentice leadership program (ALP), TRACEN Petaluma resources and activities, substance abuse free environment (SAFE) training, LAMS, IDP/finance lecture, inspections and a fitness assessment.