TRACEN Petaluma Clinic

Mission Statement

We strive to deliver quality health services in support of the Armed Forces, maintain operational readiness and advance Coast Guard medicine through education and training of staff and students

Vision Statement

To be the preferred source of health care for our patients, the advancement of Coast Guard medicine for the fleet and the preferred workplace for our people.

There are NO EMERGENCY SERVICES AVAILABLE at the clinic. For Emergency Services please call 911 (8-911 on base)

Medical Team

Your medical team consists of two Medical Officers, Health Service Technicians, a pharmacist, two Dental Officers, Dental Hygienist and Dental Technicians. Contracted services such as Physical Therapy, Optometry and Psychology are also provided.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is very important to us. We have implemented Patient Advisory and Quality Assurance committees to ensure we achieve these goals. We welcome your constructive suggestions. Please feel free to use the suggestion box located just inside the main clinic entrance or complete a survey online at:

Primary Care Services:

Full primary care services are available.  The Petaluma clinic provides primary care services for active duty personnel enrolled to our facility. Patients are seen for routine care by appointment only and may be scheduled by calling or visiting the front desk. Patients who walk into the clinic without an appointment will be scheduled for an appointment unless immediate care is required.

Pharmacy Services:

Our pharmacy is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 0720 to 1500, and Thursday from 0720 to 1100. Note that the clinic is closed Thursday afternoon for training. The pharmacy directly can be reached at (707) 765-7887. We offer 22 different over-the-counter medications available to all active duty, retired, and dependent members.

Laboratory Services:

The lab is available for walk-ins from 07:00 AM to 10:30 AM, Monday through Friday. Lab services can be contacted directly by dialing extension (707) 765-7199.

Dental Services:

Dental services are provided, with appointments available through the dental front desk at extension (707) 7654-7234.

Physical Therapy Services:

Physical therapy services are also available on-site.

Urgent Contact for Duty HS

: For urgent matters, the Duty HS can be reached by cell phone at 707-235-4696. Please note that the DUDEHS will not make or reschedule appointments. To make or reschedule appointments, please call the clinic main line during normal business hours.

Appointment Forms

Please fill out the appointment forms below to expedite your check-in process:

Medical History
Primary Care


Monday-Wednesday & Friday: 0700-1100 & 1200-1530
Thursday: 0700-1100


Monday- Wednesday & Friday: 0700-1100 & 1230-1530
Thursday: 0700-1100 & 1200-1530


Monday- Wednesday & Friday: 0700-1100 & 1230-1430
Thursday: 0700-1100


Monday- Wednesday: 0700-1100 & 1200-1530
Thursday & Friday: 0700-1100


Monday-Wednesday & Friday: 0700-1030 & 1200-1500
Thursday: 0700-1030

Physical Therapy

Tuesday- Thursday: 0800-1530


Tuesday- Thursday: 1000-1230


Monday- Wednesday & Friday: 0700-1100 & 1230-1530
Thursday: 0700-1100

Who’s Eligible

The pharmacy is available to fill prescriptions for all active duty patients. The medications the pharmacy carries are primarily from the DoD Basic Core Formulary (BCF). The pharmacy will be not be able to fill prescriptions from off base providers. Please contact the pharmacy at (707) 765-7887 to check availability prior to arriving at the clinic.


The pharmacy also provides a limited over-the-counter program in accordance with Coast Guard policy. The program is limited to two items per family per week. Please note that items listed below are not guaranteed to always be available.

Robitussin DM
Cepacol Throat Lozenges
Saline Nasal Spray
Bacitracin ointment
Tolnaftate foot powder
Hydrocortisone ointment
Analgesic rub
Clotrimazole 1%
Male Condoms

Available Children's Medications

Tylenol 80mg rapid tabs
Tylenol Suspension
Motrin Suspension
Benadryl Solution

Mail Order Program

The TMOP sends prescriptions right to your door at no cost for active duty personnel. For eligible beneficiaries generic medications are free and there is a minimal cost for most brand name medications. There are no shipping or handling fees with the TMOP. The TMOP carries most brand name and generic medications including refrigerated and controlled items. If you would like more information or to have the pharmacy staff help you get set up with TMOP please stop in or call (707) 765-7887.

Appointments: The Physicals Department recommends you schedule an appointment by emailing us at or calling x 7707. Please allow up to 48 hours before re-submitting an email or phone call.

PHA Paperwork

Please log into the following webpage and provide this unit identification code (UIC:117461200)

If you are making an appointment for a Pre-Commissioning, flight, separation or retirement physical please fill out the DD 2807 & DD 2808 to the best of your ability. Failure to do so may cause you to make multiple follow up appointments to complete this.

OMSEP Appointments

If your are making an OMSEP appointment, please fill out the required forms for the protocol you are in. If you are unsure which protocols that you should be enrolled in, please contact your OMSEP Coordinator.

Required forms for New OMSEP Appointment:
OMSEP Protocol Form(s)
DD-2808/DD-2807 (If you are only enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program, you do not need to fill these forms out)

Required forms for Periodic OMSEP Appointment:
CG-5447a with required protocols
OMSEP Protocol Form(s)

Referrals is located in the Ralph Nix Medical / Dental Clinic and is available by walk-in service (no appointments are necessary)

Referrals Process

Referrals are processed either as Routine or Urgent. After the provider has placed a referral in, it will take approx. 24 hours to be approved if it’s processed as Urgent or 48-72 hours if it’s Routine. You will then receive a letter in the mail with the authorization number in which you can schedule your appointment with your chosen provider. You can track your referral by registering with United Health Care at

It is very important to let the Referrals department know when you have an appointment scheduled. This allows them to request your medical records and file them in your Health Record kept at the clinic.

Outside Referrals

If you receive an outside referral from a specialty provider then your specialist is responsible to submit for authorization. The Referrals Petty Officer will do their best to assist you in this situation, but will not generate another referral for you. If you are seen by an outside provider you are responsible to fill out a release of information.


If you receive a bill from an outside provider, do not hesitate to contact United Health Care at 1-877-988-9378. These bills can often be resolved by providing the correct information to the facility where you received your care

Contact Us:

If you are having issues with your chosen provider or with referrals please contact us at 707-765-7706 or email us at:

For United Healthcare Concerns:

Please call: 1-877-984-9378

Evenings, Weekends and Emergencies

Active Duty: The clinic maintains on-call services 24 hours a day to address acute care needs. If an emergency exists, dial 911. An emergency is defined as any condition, which if left untreated, will pose a serious threat to life, limb or eyesight or will cause undue suffering. As soon as practical, Active Duty members must notify the duty HS and their Command of the emergency room care and/or admittance to the hospital. A follow-up appointment must be scheduled with your PCM after discharge.

Non-Active Duty Beneficiaries: Non-active duty beneficiaries must use their TRICARE benefits for after hours or emergency services.

If you go to the Emergency Room, you are required to notify your MTF within 24 hours for continuous care.

Contacting your Healthcare Team

Your concerns and questions are important to us. Members enrolled to our facility that have questions regarding their treatment plan, medications or duty status that do not require a face to face visit with your provider; can contact through e-mail at Please allow up to 24 hrs. for a response.

** We cannot schedule appointments or assist with referral related issues via this e-mail address.

Contacting your Referral Team

If you are having issues with your chosen provider or with referrals please contact us at 707-765-7705 or email us at:

Phone Numbers to the Clinic:

Clinic Main Line: (707) 765-7200 (Service Options are available through the calling tree or by calling directly)

Dental Services: (707) 765-7234

Laboratory: (707) 765-7199

Medical Referrals: (707) 765-7705

Pharmacy: (707) 765-7887

Physicals: (707) 765-7707

Prescription Refills: (707) 765-7071

TRICARE/UHC: (877) 988-9378

Need someone to talk to?

Members and their dependents can also utilize the CG SUPRT program which also provides confidential counselling and can be accessed without a referral. You can access this service 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year by calling 855-247-8778 or 855-CG SUPRT. You can access on line at to find out more about the program.