Course Developer Course


The Course Developer Course (CDC) is a two week resident course designed to enable prospective course developers to employ a systematic instructional design process to modify or update a course developed via CDC. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to develop a unit of instruction in accordance with the Coast Guard Training System’s Standard Operating Procedures Vol 5 Resident Instruction.

This course provides instructors and those assigned to course designer billets, with instruction on the various tasks involved in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of the Coast Guard’s training programs. Students, upon graduation, are able to:

  • Conduct and Validate Task Analyses

  • Determine which tasks should have Job Aids developed and which task require training to memory

  • Write Performance Objectives

  • Describe a Target Population and Performance Environment

  • Write Performance-based Tests and Relevant Practice Opportunities

  • Derive the content for a unit of instruction

  • Develop an Instructional Strategy

  • Develop Instructional Materials (including Student Guides and Instructor Guides)

  • Conduct a formative evaluative of Training Materials

  • Use feedback from Evaluations to update course materials

  • Develop a Curriculum Outline

Class convening's are published on the Training Quota Management Center (TQC) web site. On that page, select " Class Schedules " , then select" "C" School Schedules", in the pop-up window select "Training System", in the drop down box select
"502092 - COURSE DEVELOPER COURSE - RESIDENT" and press "GO" to view the course synopsis and class schedule.
Submit an electronic training request via Direct Access. NOTE: Ensure that the reason for the student’s attendance is explained on the ETR (i.e. filling a designer billet, collateral duty designer, PQS Master Training Specialist or other professional development)