TRACEN Petaluma

YN A School

Here at YN "A" School we have been providing student centered-performance based training for several years with great results. It has been proven that a student will learn more by "doing" versus "listening."

Student-centered Training: The students, using the course material and reference material, complete the objectives. There is instructor teaching/lecturing from a podium.

Performance-based Training: The curriculum used is based on the performance based qualifications for the E-4 level. The course material (handouts/books) provided to the students reflects, as close as possible, the actual job being completed out in the field.

Course Contents

The YN3 course consists of four main areas of concentration:

  • Unit 1: Administration
  • Unit 2 Part I: Computations
  • Unit 2 Part I: Pay and Allowances
  • Unit 3: Travel and Transportation
  • Unit 4: Advancement and End of Enlistment

Distance Learning Information

Distance Learning Program Information


  • The YN "A" School Distance Learner (DL) Program is an external learning component of YN "A" School. Students who are assigned as distance learners will be transferred to a SPO billet by the YN Assignment Officer. While their training is coordinated and managed by a YN "A" School Instructor, they will work as an intern in the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) and be mentored by a Professional Development Coach within that SPO. A training contract will be executed between the student, SPO Professional Development Coach, and YNA School. The students time will be appropriately shared between progressing through the YNA School curriculum and gaining authentic work experience as a SPO intern. Prior to successfully graduating and receiving their YN designator, students must pass a capstone practicum.

    The distance learner course is set up to be completed within a 16 week timeframe. However, students are allowed up to 6 months to complete it. YNA distance learners who fail to complete the course, either academically or within the 6 month timeframe, will be disenrolled and reassigned IAW Article 1.C.4.B of the Military Assignments and Authorized Absence Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8A. Graduates of the YNA School DL Program will be advanced IAW the Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST M1000.2, Article 3.A.20.a.2.

    Prior to submitting a request to be placed on the DL Program waiting list, applicants must be in paygrade E-3 or above, meet ASVAB requirements, fit for full duty, and available for worldwide assignment.

    Program Process

    • Candidate completes an “A” School Training Request indicating in the remarks block intent to participate in the Distance Learning Program.
    • Candidate is placed on YN “A” School-Distance waiting list pending billet opening.
    • YN AO issues PCS orders to a SPO.
    • Student reports to the SPO for Training/Internship.
    • Student is assigned a PDC (E-6 or above) by the SPO Supervisor.
    • SPO PDC contacts YN “A” School for Enrollment Contract.
    • YN “A” School Staff enrolls the Student and PDC in the on-line course. Upon receipt of completed Enrollment Contract.
    • Student begins Full-Time training at the SPO with coaching from the PDC.
    • Student must pass final practicum exam upon completion of the course. 
    • Student receives a YN “A” Course completion certificate when all requirements are met and may be advanced by the Commanding Officer in accordance with PERSMAN 5.C.2.A.2.