TRACEN Petaluma

YN A School

Here at YN "A" School we have been providing student centered-performance based training for several years with great results. It has been proven that a student will learn more by "doing" versus "listening."

Student-centered Training: The students, using the course material and reference material, complete the objectives. There is instructor teaching/lecturing from a podium.

Performance-based Training: The curriculum used is based on the performance based qualifications for the E-4 level. The course material (handouts/books) provided to the students reflects, as close as possible, the actual job being completed out in the field.

Course Contents

The YN3 course consists of four main areas of concentration:

  • Unit 1: Administration
  • Unit 2 Part I: Computations
  • Unit 2 Part I: Pay and Allowances
  • Unit 3: Travel and Transportation
  • Unit 4: Advancement and End of Enlistment