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Welcome to Yeoman (YN) “A” School at Training Center Petaluma – the best place to work, live, & train!

Members will spend eight weeks at Training Center Petaluma, to learn the skills necessary to become an YN3 upon graduation. The Yeoman (YN) rating is a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in helping members & commands by providing them information, guidance, administrative
services, concerning pay, travel & transportation entitlements, benefits & human resources management.

Welcome From the School Chief

Welcome to YN "A" School! During this course of instruction, you will learn the basics of military pay and the vast array of personnel services performed by Yeomen in the fleet. In addition to preparing you for life as a YN3, the instructors at Training Center Petaluma will assist in sharpening your skillset as a military member, which will aid in the transition from Non-Rate to Petty Officer. Enjoy your time at Training Center Petaluma - the home of the Coast Guard's only resident training for Yeomen!

-YNCM Seth Cockram
Yeoman (YN) “A” School Chief

School Chief YNCM Seth Cockram


Yeoman School House Staff

Kevin Farnady

YNCS Kevin Farnady


Curriculum Chief: YNC  Bridget Robinson

YNC  Bridget Robinson

Instructor: YN1 Ernesto Campos

YN1 Ernesto Campos

Instructor: YN1 Cory Humak

YN1 Cory Humak

Instructor: YN1 Jessica Lebow

YN1 Jessica Lebow

Instructor: YN1 Alexander Vinkavich

YN1 Alexander Vinkavich

Instructor: YN1 Janet Petrak

YN1 Janet Petrak

Instructor: YN1 Jenny Wheeler

YN1 Jenny Wheeler





Yeoman A School Pre-Requisites

YN Crossed Quill Pens

Location: TRACEN Petaluma, CA (8 Week Course)
First Unit 4 Month Wait: Required
Obligated Service: 24 Months (see ACN 135/18)

Members must route their request through chain of command, along with the Active Duty or Reserve “A” School Request Form


Coast Guard Yeoman Guiding Principles

 I.  To be accountable for one’s own actions.
 II. Commit to learning and mentoring resulting in superior customer service.
III.   Demonstrate good stewardship by using integrity to guide your decisions.
IV. Treat people with dignity, respect and compassion without regard to rank, rating or component.
V.  Earn individual respect by holding oneself to the highest standards to maintain the credibility of the YN rating.
VI. To be proactive rather than reactive in the performance of one’s duties.
VII. To seek opportunities to enhance all aspects of the YN Rating to better serve our customers.


Yeoman Facilitated Online Training/Restriction of Movement – Weeks 1 & 2

In accordance with ALCOAST 180/20 & TRACEN Petaluma Training Restriction of Movement Memo & COVID Information, all incoming students are subject to a 14 day Restriction of Movement (ROM) before participating in any training that involves close contact. During ROM, YN A school students will be able to complete the Yeoman Facilitated Online Training. Students will receive information -- related to YN Facilitated Online Training -- from their class advisor.

YN School Virtual Training


TRACEN Petaluma Petty Officer Indoctrination Program - Week 3

Students will attend a one-week indoctrination program, which will encourage healthy lifestyles that are consistent with Coast Guard Core Values and assist in sharpening leadership characteristics needed to perform as a Petty Officer.

YN in School Training – Weeks 4 to 8  

After successful completion of the facilitated online training and INDOC program, students will complete five weeks of in-house training with the YN “A” School staff, based on the most up to date training competencies & keeping in line with Yeoman Guiding Principles.

  1. Unit 1 Administrative Duties

  2. Unit 2 Computations

  3. Unit 3 Pay & Allowances

  4. Unit 4 Leave & Travel

  5. Unit 5 Advancement & End of Enlistment


Student Resources/Useful Links