School Contacts

  • "A" School Contacts
  • Aviation Survival Technician (AST)

    School Chief: ASTCS Kevin Cleary 707-765-7271
    Assistant School Chief: ASTC Randy Lopez 707-765-7385

  • Cullinary Specialist (CS)

    School Chief: CSCM Kevin Ball 707-765-7815
    Assistant School Chief: CSCS Robert Deaver 707-765-7427

  • Electronics Technician (ET)

    School Chief: ETCM Michael King
    Assistant School Chief: ETCS William Walker
    Rating Knowledge Manager: ETCM Michael King
    Assistant Rating Knowledge Manager: ETC Steven Abrahamsen

  • Health Services Technician (HS)

    School Chief: HSCM Derek Sanchez 707-765-7487
    Assistant School Chief: HSCS Eugene Porterfield 707-765-7046

  • Information Systems Technician (IT)

    School Chief: ITCM Javier Gallegos * 707-765-7450
    Assistant School Chief: ITCS Raymond Sarabia * 707-765-7038 
    IT School Graduation Program 
    (To facilitate Updated files for QRCodes, previous flyers are removed after graduation and restored prior to next event. Clicking the Graduation Program link MAY result in Error 404, this is to be expected, do not report this broken link, contact WebMaster with an updated graduation flyer.)

  • Operations Specialist (OS)

    School Chief: OSCM Robert J. Egbert 707-765-7086
    Assistant School Chief: OSCS David Warfel 707-765-7198
    OS School Graduation Program *updated 15Apr2024

  • Storekeepers (SK)

    School Chief: SKCM Marc Vullo 707-765-7374
    Assistant School Chief: SKC Francesca Vercellone 707-765-7693
    SK School Graduation Program

  • Yeoman (YN)

    School Chief: YNCM Kevin Farnady 707-765-7105
    Assistant School Chief: YNC Megan Churchill 707-765-7117

  • "C" School Contacts
  • Course Developer Course (502092)

    School Chief: MSTC Alex Olbert

  • CPOA

    School Chief: MCPO Glenn Royes 707-765-7958
    School Chief: SCPO Jacob Zorbaugh 707-765-7135

  • Culinary Specialist

    School Chief: CSCS Adam Shelton 707-765-7427

    • FSO-PI FOT (Course Code 100297)

    • FSO-PVA FOT (Course Code 502174)

    • Advanced Baking (Course Code 500518)

  • Instructor Development Course (230140)

    School Chief: School Chief: ITC Joe Carrillo

  • Remote Instructor Development Course (100395)

    School Chief: School Chief: BMC Julio Cardenas

  • Remote Trainer Course (100500)

    School Chief: School Chief: BMC Julio Cardenas

Advanced and Leadership Training

Course Developer Course (CDC)

Instructor Development Course (IDCT