TRACEN Facilities Engineering


The Engineering Department enables Training Center Petaluma’s training mission as a full-service support organization that provides complete life-cycle facilities management services including planning, design, construction management, operations & maintenance, housing program management, vehicle management, and environmental management services.


For Facilities Maintenance Service,
Contact the Customer Service Desk, x7301

Submitting a Work Order:

Work orders may be initiated a number of ways, and are listed in order of preference. Provide as much information as possible to assist the customer service representative in determining the appropriate course of action (housing unit number, room or space, what the problem is in as much detail as possible, point of contact name and number, etc.). If there is an emergency situation that requires fire department response, CALL 911. If there is maintenance you feel warrants an immediate response, call FE customer service so the issue can be addressed immediately.

  • Input the work request via the TRACEN Petaluma intranet.Housing Work Request
  • E-mail the customer service representatives.
  • Call FE customer service at 765-7301 or 765-7055.
  • Go to building 160 (Upper FE) to speak in person with the customer service representative and the appropriate trade specialist.


  • Upon receipt of a work request, the FE customer service representative will review it and create a work order. Based on the nature of the request, the customer service representative determines what trade specialist the work order will be assigned to (electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, DC Shop, etc.).
  • Work orders are generated and provided to the trade specialist the following morning at the FE Maintenance Branch meeting unless the request is deemed as an emergency or urgent request (gas leaks, immediate danger, or property damage, etc.).
  • Once the work order is initiated, the FE customer service representative will send an E-mail notification to the individual that initiated the work request for notification that the work order is in-progress.
  • The housing office should contact the individual that initiated the work request schedule an appointment for the work and get any specific details regarding the issue.
  • The trade specialist should notify the housing office or the individual that initiated the work request if there are any delays (waiting for material, etc.) or issues (requires project initiation for outside contractor).
  • When the trade specialist completes the work, they should notify the individual that initiated the work request and the housing office to ensure the issue has been resolved.
  • Once the FE customer service representative receives the completed work order from the trade specialist, they will close the work order in SAM (Maximo) and send a customer satisfaction survey link via E-mail to the individual that initiated the work request. Customers may complete a customer satisfaction survey at any time by following the link. (Customer Satisfaction Survey)