The USCGC MORRO BAY was commissioned 28 March 1981 at the Reserve Training Center in Yorktown, VA and served here until 1998. The MORRO BAY was the sixth of her kind in the Coast Guard. While stationed at Training Center, the MORRO BAY was involved in training and operations on the Chesapeake Bay.  The MORRO BAY is currently home ported in New London, CT.

Ship's History

The 140-foot Bay-class Cutters are state of the art icebreakers used primarily for domestic ice breaking duties. They are named after American Bays and are stationed mainly in Northeast U.S. and Great Lakes. Although specifically designed for ice breaking duties, they also perform law enforcement, environmental protection, search & rescue operations and support for aids to navigation activities.

WTGBs use a low-pressure-air hull lubrication or bubbler system that forces air and water between the hull and ice. This system improves icebreaking capabilities by reducing resistance against the hull, reducing horsepower requirements.

During the summer months these vessels travel throughout the Great lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway visiting high profile ports of call, like Clayton, NY, located in the center of New York States popular 1000 Islands vacation region. Deemed "good will" cruises, the ice breakers are open to public visitation from arrival through departure. Visiting Clayton, usually over the July 4th period provides an extended stay to accommodate the thousands of visitors that annually board the vessel for complete, crew guided tours. Many of the families of the ships' crew also choose the long weekend for a family reunion in this popular vacation destination, enjoying all that Clayton has to offer its visitors.


  • Maximum Range: 4,000 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 14.7 knots
  • Length: 140 feet
  • Beam: 37.5 feet
  • Displacement: 662 tons
  • Power plant: Two diesel engines
  • Armament: Two M60 Machine guns
  • Icebreaking capability: 18-20 inches
  • Primary Missions: Ice Operations, Search and Rescue, Pollution Response,
  • Aids to Navigation, Law Enforcement
  • Typical Crew: 17 Personnel (3 Officers, 14 Enlisted)
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