Craik Clinic

Important - Due to operational commitments and CG Directives, Craik Clinic has been designated as an Active-Duty Service Member Facility. Only active-duty members may be enrolled to the clinic as TRICARE prime. Craik Clinic is not an authorized TRICARE enrollment site for other beneficiaries.

The clinic is named for Dr. James A. Craik who directed a field hospital during the siege of Yorktown during the American Revolution. He was later appointed the Chief Physician and Surgeon for the Continental Army under General George Washington.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide health care of high quality to active-duty personnel at TCYorktown and surrounding Coast Guard units, while providing the finest health care we can to all beneficiaries who seek our services. Outpatient medical and dental care is provided on a space available basis for non-active-duty personnel. For appointments call: (757) 856-2230 / 2345

Hours of Operation

0700 - 1530 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.
0700 - 1130 Wednesday

We are closed every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday afternoon for training.

After normal working hours, and on holidays and weekends, the clinic is staffed for on base EMERGENT or URGENT care only. Medical and dental officers are not physically present for duty in the clinic. A duty Health services technician provides urgent care after hours for active duty only. On base emergency response is provided 24 hours a day. An emergency is any possible life threatening or other serious condition such as: uncontrolled bleeding, asthma attacks, chest pains, serious trauma, violent or suicidal ideas or thoughts.

Members with colds, minor scrapes or bruises, minor sprains, strains or other minor illnesses or prescription refills make an appointment for care during normal working hours. Call (757) 856-2230 / 2345 for appointments


Sick Call (active duty only)

Students: M-F 0700-0730 is reserved for TCYorktown students for both medical and dental to minimize disruption of training.  Urgent and Emergent care will be rendered on a walk-in basis.

Permanent Party: To minimize waiting time, we offer care for all permanent party members on a "same day" availability appointment basis. Permanent party members are asked to call the clinic @ 0700 to schedule their appointment. Urgent and Emergent care will be rendered on a walk-in basis. Due to an increasing workload, the clinic may defer care to another treatment facility/agency to ensure that your needs are adequately met.



Active-duty members have priority for all appointments; however, non-Tricare Prime enrolled eligible beneficiaries may be seen on a space available basis. Currently the clinic is not accepting any new space "A" patients. Call (757) 856-2230 / 2345 for appointments

Available Clinics and Specialties at Craik Clinic

  • General medicine/Family practice
  • Laboratory*
  • Immunization clinic*
  • Minor Surgery*
  • Pharmacy/Over the counter medication program
  • Health Benefits Advisor
  • General Dentistry#
  • Radiology*
  • Oral Hygiene#
  • Physical Therapy#

* Requires in-house referral
# active duty only


A wide variety of medications are stocked in our pharmacy. Current Coast Guard regulations prohibit the filling of civilian prescriptions without a pharmacist on staff, Craik Clinic does not have a pharmacist assigned and cannot accept outside civilian prescriptions. Additionally, we carry only medications that are regularly prescribed by our medical officers. Coast Guard regulations prohibit the stocking of medications solely to meet civilian prescription demands.

Prescriptions are filled and delivered only during normal working hours. Beneficiaries are encouraged to call (757) 856-2562. We also offer an over-the-counter medication program. Selected medications are available from the pharmacy without a prescription during normal working hours. The pharmacy is closed between 1130 and 1230 daily and Wednesday afternoons.

Dental Care

Dental exams for active duty are available through dental sick call. Exams and cleanings are available by appointment. Call the appointment desk for more information.  Call (757) 856-2493 for appointments.

Clinic Resources

Coast Guard Employee Access

It is recommended each Coast Guard employee visit TCYorktown's Portal site for additional training information. Coast Guard Employee Access.