Boatswains Mate "A" School

The most versatile member of the Coast Guard's operational team is the Boatswain's Mate (BM). Boatswain's Mates are masters of seamanship. BMs are capable of performing almost any task in connection with deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigation, and supervising all personnel assigned to a ship's work force or small boat station.

Training for Boatswain's Mate is accomplished through 14 weeks of intensive training at BM “A” School located at Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, VA. Students will be exposed to many facets of the Boatswain’s Mate rating; including marlinespike seamanship, navigation, and practical exercises underway. Students will also complete Team Coordination Training and get their First aid / CPR certification. BM “A” School students are required to maintain their physical fitness requirements for boat crew member, and it is recommended that students report physically fit and capable of completing those requirements.

Students are required to complete both Knowledge and Performance Requirements for Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME-4) to advance to E-4 upon graduation from BM “A School. Students are encouraged to complete these requirements prior to attending school.

Mailing Address:

Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown
1 US Coast Guard Training Center
Yorktown, VA 23690-5000

Coast Guard Employee Access

It is recommended each Coast Guard employee visit TCYorktown's Portal site for additional Boatswains Mate training information. Coast Guard Employee Access.