International Student Reporting

We hope your visit to US Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown (TCYorktown) is both enjoyable and productive. The following information is to prepare you for arrival and reporting to TCYorktown; it includes information specific and unique to International Students, as well as information summarized from other pertinent sections of the TCYorktown website, especially the Base Services and Support area. The information on this site is not all inclusive but should help you with many of your initial questions. Please download the complete Guide for International Military Students.


TCYorktown is located in Virginia’s historic triangle, made up of the communities of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. It is approximately 180 miles south of Washington DC and 30 miles north of Norfolk, VA. Please visit the Directions page for arrival information to the base.

Arrival Information

There are two airports which serve the southeastern Virginia area. The closest airport to TCYorktown is the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport (PHF) located approximately 12 miles from the base. The alternate airport, Norfolk International (ORF), is located approximately 35 miles from the base.

Newport News/Williamsburg Airport

We recommend arriving at the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport because of its convenient location to TCYorktown. If we have advance notice of your, and it is during duty hours (0800-1600), we will make every effort to pick you up. If we are unable to meet you, please take a taxi from the airport to TCYorktown, the cost is approximately $30.

Taxis are located at the front entrance of the airport. The taxi drivers are familiar with the base but note that Enlisted members (E-6 and below) will go to Lafayette Hall Quarterdeck and Officers/Chiefs (E-7/Commissioned Officers/Civilians) go to Cain Hall Quarterdeck.

If you arrive after duty hours and we receive an advance arrival message requesting that you be met at the airport, the duty driver or Coast Guard representative will be sent to the airport to meet you. If your flight is delayed or changed, contact the International Military Student Office (IMSO) at telephone: (757) 856-2354 or (757) 856-2696 during regular business hours.

If it is after regular business hours, after 1700 Eastern Standard Time (EST), contact the Officer of the Day (OOD) at telephone: (757) 856-2354. Please tell the OOD of your new travel itinerary and new arrival time.

Norfolk International Airport

Students arriving at the Norfolk International Airport will be met only if advance arrival information is received. If your flight is delayed or changed, contact the International Military Student Office (IMSO) at telephone: (757) 856-2354 or (757) 856-2696 during regular business hours.

If the IMSO is unable to meet you at the airport, you should take the Norfolk Airport Express Shuttle directly to TCYorktown, telephone: (757) 857-3991. The shuttle service is located on the first floor of the airport in the “Ground Transportation” area. The shuttle costs approximately $30.

Taxis are available from the Norfolk Airport and cost approximately $75. Please get a receipt so that IMSO can reimburse you if authorized to do so.


Your reporting date to TCYorktown is usually the Wednesday before the start of the Monday class. Inprocessing with the TCYorktown IMSO takes place on Thursday at 0900 in Hamilton Hall, room 203.

If you arrive after Wednesday or after regular duty hours, report immediately to the Berthing Enlisted Quarters (BEQ)/Berthing Officer Quarters (BOQ) for your room assignment.

Report to the IMSO office at 0900 the day after your arrival, unless it is a weekend. If you arrive on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday), report directly to class on Monday (at your scheduled class time), then report to the IMSO during a break that day. If your class doesn’t commence on Monday, report to the IMSO office at 0900.

IMSO Office Numbers Phone: (757) 856-2458 / 2696
IMSO office fax number: (757) 856-2316

In case of an emergency, after regular duty hours, contact the Security Office and/or the Officer of the Day at telephone: (757) 856-2314 or (757) 856-2354