Security Office

Location & Mission

The Security Office is located next to the main gate. The office issues vehicle decals/passes and manages TCYorktown's security programs. You can contact security at (757) 856-2314.


You will be required to show your ID card when arriving at the Main Gate. International students should carry a copy of their travel orders at all times if they do not have an identification card. 

Uber and Lyft are not permitted access to TRACEN Yorktown unless their operator is vetted for unescorted access.  Ride-sharing drivers must stop for a commercial vehicle inspection and bring their license, registration and proof of insurance into the security office for vetting.  Drivers must be vetted at least once per calendar year and documented in the automated access system.  This includes drivers that possess a military ID such as a retiree employed as a ride-share driver.  These ride-share services are not regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and are treated as any other commercial vehicle.  Uber and Lyft operators can typically be identified by having an empty front passenger seat with a rider in the back seat.  Their vehicles have decals on the front or back windows designating them as Uber or Lyft.  Ride sharing services are subject to cease during increased FPCON. 

Gate Access Forms

The following forms are required when access to the base is necessary for visitors and contractors. Save the form to your workstation and fill it out completely. Upon completion, email the form to the Force Protection Officer for processing. You will be contacted by the Force Protection Officer when a decision is made concerning authorization and what additional steps may be required to obtain access. Access to the base will NOT be authorized until the proper forms are completed and the Security Office has the visitor/contractor names on the authorized access list. It is HIGHLY recommend this process is completed 3 business days PRIOR to the arrival of all personnel.


Student Parking

  • Student must have a valid state driver's license, valid vehicle registration, current insurance policy, valid military identification card to obtain a student decal. Students who are using a vehicle belonging to another person must have notarized statement from the owner allowing them use of the vehicle. If the individual can not produce the above information, a parking pass will be issued for parking lot 25.
  • Students may park in the following lots: 2, 9, 15, & 25.
  • Students residing in Cain Hall may also park in lot 5 in the row closest to Cain Hall.

Visitor (non-student) Parking

  • Visitors may park in lots 3, 4, 6, & 15 (Cain Hall guest quarters).     
  • Temporary passes (less than 24 hours) may be obtained from the gate guard.
  • Student permits and contractor passes may be obtained from the Security Watch Commander from 0600-1800 Monday through Friday.
  • Handicap parking is near the following facilities open to visitors, retirees, and veterans: Gym/Pool, Chapel, CG Exchange/Barber shop/Tailor shop, Craik Medical Clinic, Port of York dining facility, All Hands Club, Washington Auditorium, and Cain Hall. The closest handicap parking spaces for Cain Hall are located in front of the entrance to the Port of York. There is also handicap parking along Perimeter Road between Elbert Hall and Taylor Hall. Base maps showing location of all parking lots are available upon request from Security at the front gate.
  • Questions regarding parking and permits will be answered by the Security Watch Commander at (757) 856-2314.


DHS decals are not required to access Training Center Yorktown.


No person may have in their possession on board TCYorktown any firearm and/or ammunition or devices capable of being propelled; any knife with a blade of four inches or more in length; weapons whose only use is related to martial arts; or any lethal weapon. All such items shall be turned over to the Armory for safekeeping. It is strongly recommended that weapons not be brought to TCYorktown due to a lack of adequate storage space at the Armory.

Anyone who does bring a weapon onboard must report to the Security Watch Commander. During normal working hours a member of the weapons staff will take custody of the weapon and lock in the Armory. After normal working hours the weapon will be turned over to the Officer of the Day.