Marine Science Technician School

Welcome to the Marine Science Technician (MST) School. The Marine Science Technician (MST) School is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and delivery of rating specific training for the Marine Science Technician Rating. The school is responsible for; the MSTA, MST2, and MST1 courses, the production of the Active and Reserve duty Service-Wide Examinations and is the administer of the Initial Indoctrination to Marine Safety Course (IIMS).

Course Offerings

Marine Science Technician "A" (MST) Course

The "A" Course is the beginning of your training as a MST. The course is 9 weeks long and is open to qualified active and reserve enlisted personnel. The training topics covered include Pollution Investigation, Pollution Response, Occupational Safety and Health, Facility Inspections and Vessel Boardings.

Marine Science Technician Second Class (MST2) Course

Subjects in this course include Facility file review, oil containment boom deployment, pollution abatement, initial actions, phases of pollution response operations, and oil pollutant trajectory forecasting. Additionally, standards for the drafting of pollution reports and oil spill sampling and transmittal for analysis are included.

Marine Science Technician First Class (MST1) Course

Subjects in this course include Evaluation of facility operations manuals and response plans, development of site safety plans, incident briefings and the incident command system, management of Phase III pollution removal actions and documentation, unit daily boarding schedules, unit safety programs, and the preparation of Administrative and Captain of the Port Orders.

Initial Introduction to Marine Safety (IIMS) Course

Provides introductory knowledge for those entering the marine safety field. The pamphlet introduces the marine safety programs; and organization, marine safety missions, legal authorities, using references, occupational safety and health, and conduct and ethics.

Coast Guard Employee Access

It is recommended each Coast Guard employee visit TCYorktown's Portal site for additional MST training information. Coast Guard Employee Access.

Mailing Address for Staff

Commanding Officer (t-mst)
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Mailing Address for Students

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United States Coast Guard
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