Basic Inland SAR Course

The Basic Inland SAR Course (BISC) was developed in the 1970's to bring search management information to search mission managers in the Civil Air Patrol, State and Federal agencies within the United States. The course is administered by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC).

Course Description

Academic areas of instruction include a Federal SAR Architecture Overview, AFRCC Overview and Mission types, SAR Resources, Introduction to Search Theory, and Mission Coordination. The course culminates with a scenario-based tabletop exercise. We also strive to provide an environment that will allow the attendees to discuss their past experiences, concerns for SAR and do that "all-important" networking that is needed to provide a cooperative SAR network.

The course is designed as an entry level SAR management course for federal, state and local SAR responders (i.e., Incident Command leaders and planners) who are responsible for the planning, coordination, or conduct of air and ground search operations in the inland environment.

Course Schedule

Course Sponsorship

To sponsor a course in your area, contact your regional training LO or State Emergency Services Officer.  If you are a CAP member, contact your unit training officer.  Minimum requirements for a course are: 1) provide at least 16 attendees, and 2) provide a venue that can accommodate a multi-media lecture environment and tabletop exercise. For those personnel desiring to participate in the course but are not affiliated with the sponsoring agency, the AFRCC BISC Manager can assist in coordinating your attendance.

Course Administration

The Basic Inland SAR Course is scheduled year-round, normally one class per month over a two-day weekend. The course may be administered during the week if that is more suitable with your organizational requirements.

The cost of attendance is free.  However, all students must cover the cost of their travel, lodging, meals, and all other incidentals.

Contact the BISC Manager

For more information, please contact the BISC Manager at the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Tyndall AFB Florida, Commercial 850-283-5688, DSN 523-5688 or email