"A" School Wellness Program

Welcome to the Class "A" School Wellness Program. The U.S. Coast Guard is involved in challenging missions. Every new Coast Guard member is responsible for ensuring they are physically and mentally up to the challenge of the organization. The physical fitness standards established by the Commandant ensure Coast Guard members have sufficient strength, flexibility, and endurance to safely perform duties during normal and adverse conditions. Additionally, the standards strive to instill the importance of physical and mental fitness to these future leaders. The Coast Guard’s BM "A" school standard fitness assessment will serve as a benchmark for "A" school students. 

The Class "A" School Wellness Program strives to include instruction on topics such as nutrition, weight control, smoking cessation, general stamina, cholesterol, and the importance of establishing and maintaining a lifelong personal fitness regimen.

This is a mandatory program, therefore, all "A" school students SHALL participate.

Wellness Program Primary Mission

The primary mission of the Class "A" School Wellness Program is to teach Class "A" School students the components of fitness and wellness, to expose them to different workout activities, and to ensure as the newest Coast Guard Petty Officers they understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Student Responsibilities

  • Muster at 0545 in the gym as scheduled
  • Participate in the physical fitness assessment tests as scheduled   
    • 1.5 mile run or 12 minute swim
    • Push-ups
    • Sit-ups
  • Participate in the Individual Fitness Program
  • A minimum of 20 points must be earned each week
  • Track their point accumulation using the Student Point Tally Sheet


    In an effort to recognize those students that went above and beyond expectations of the Wellness Program each "A" school will determine a Most Inspirational student and the student with the most points. A certificate will be presented at each Class "A" School graduation ceremony.

    The Most Inspirational student should be the student determined to be the most inspirational by the class. This individual motivated and inspired his/her's fellow classmates to get up and be at PT by 0545. This student also assisted during the PT sessions by providing motivation and encouragement to his/her's fellow classmates.

    The student with the Most Points will be the student achieving the Individual Fitness Program highest point total.