Welcome to U. S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown. Our Mission is to “Forge Today’s Force to Execute Tomorrow’s Mission.” A first class working and learning environment has been created by our dedicated staff. We accomplish our mission through resident, non-resident, and exportable training; Assessment and Standardization programs; Doctrine Support; and External Engagement with our international, interagency and local partners.

Our Vision is to support the entire Coast Guard by helping to Optimize Workforce Performance and Unit Readiness. Training Center Yorktown proudly upholds the Coast Guard's motto "Semper Paratus," graduating students "always ready" to meet today's challenges.

*Due to additional guests onboard Training Center Yorktown on graduation days, please arrive early to check-in and locate parking.

We would like to make your visit to Training Center Yorktown as seamless as possible.  Below are some helpful tips to help your entry onboard.

1. Please have identification of all guests in vehicle readily available for verification at the check-in point prior to entering the training facility.

2. Continue safely on to main gate and check in through security.

3. Please follow the signs for parking areas.  There are two primary parking locations for ALL ‘A’ School graduations.  In front of the Olde Yorke Chapel and in front of the Washington Auditorium. If parking is full, there are several other parking areas highlighted in yellow on the attached map.

4. Guests are invited to observe morning colors at 0800.  Guests can participate   from Hamilton Rd. See blue highlighted area of map. Please be aware that a ceremonial cannon will be fired off at 0800.

5. Graduations are held in the Washington Auditorium, Olde Yorke Chapel, and Taylor Hall. Please ask your graduate for the location and time of their graduation ceremony.

Welcome aboard!