Administrative Support

The ADMIN Support Division is located on the first deck of Steuben Hall. The Division is made up of three branches: Administration, Permanent Party SPO and 'A' School PERSRU. The office also contains the Security Officer, ID Card Office, and House Hold Goods Office.

To learn more about the services that the Admin Division provides scroll through this page or contact the Admin/SPO front desk at (757) 856-2140 for additional information.


Phone Number is (757) 856-2140, and we're located in Stueben HALL. It is important that all Permanent Party personnel check in with Administration upon reporting to TCYorktown. You will be added to unit rosters, your security information will be evaluated, clearances will be updated as necessary, and you will be assigned a duty section.

Permanent Party SPO

As a permanent party member of TCYorktown your PDR will be maintained by one of 4 Yeoman depending on first letter of your last name. Appointments are preferred from 0700-1100, and members may be seen on a walk in basis if their Yeoman is available from 1300-1530. Office hours are 0700-1530. Call the front desk at (757) 856-2140 to make an appointment.

'A' School SPO

TCYorktown A-School SPO provides pay and personnel support to approximately 1500 "A" school students a year. Schools include: BM, DC, EM, IS, GM, MK, MST and PS. TCYorktown advances more students to PO3 than all the other Coast Guard Training Centers combined. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you will be reporting to TCYorktown for a class "A" school.

  1. Before you depart your current unit, ensure you're aware of your travel and HHG’s entitlements to TCYorktown. ( i.e. PCS/TEMDU or TAD). Please refer to COMDTINST 4600.15 for PCS/Temdu or TAD entitlements to Class “A” Schools of Less than 20 weeks.
  2. Upon arrival students should report to TCYorktown's Security Office with original orders in hand. Your original orders and any PDR you may have hand carried to TCYorktown will be collected during Student Indoctrination.
  3. All "A" school students messing entitlement will be "Enlisted BAS at the Discounted Meal Rate", as Training Center Yorktown is a EUM unit for class “A” schools. All students will receive a meal card upon reporting in to the Training Center.

Any questions you have about what your entitlements may or may not be while here, contact the "A" School SPO at (757) 856-2140.

ID Cards

TCYorktown is also a DEERS/RAPIDS site. To have an ID card made you must make an appointment by calling the ID Card Office at (757) 856-2140). Please keep in mind that a sponsor's signature is required to obtain an ID card for a dependent. The DD-1172 that is necessary to issue an ID card can be generated on sight for the sponsor’s signature or can verified elsewhere and brought to us for issuance. If you have any questions about ID card entitlements, please call the ID Office.

Housing, Transportation, & BAH

Training Center Yorktown does not have a local Housing Officer. If you desire information on available government leased housing, visit the ISC Portsmouth website.

Here are some helpful tips for members that are in-bound to TCYorktown:

  1. “A” School students should try to bring as few HHGs as possible to TCYorktown, in accordance with current regulations students are only entitled to a shipment of 400 pounds to and from “A” School. Students are encouraged to take advantage of Government procured storage for their personal property, as there is no storage provided at TCYorktown.
  2. Permanent Party personnel who have HHGs in-bound to TCYorktown can call JPPSO-NE at (781) 377-7611 to arrange for HHGs delivery out of Storage in Transit. Please remember that storage in transit is limited to a total of 180 days at government expense.

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Sarah Overmeyer at the Transportation Officer at 757-856-2850.

Current BAH rates for Training Center Yorktown may be obtained at:

Coast Guard Employee Access

It is recommended each Coast Guard employee visit TCYorktown's Portal site for additional training information. Coast Guard Employee Access.