MLE Academy Administrative Services




Military Identification Cards

The MLE Academy does not issue Military ID cards. DEERS Office at Base Charleston provides ID cards for staff and students. They can be reached at the following numbers: (843) 740-7070 x 3600 or x 3602. For additional ID card locations in the local area, please visit

Administrative Support (YN)


The MLE Academy admin office is support for staff members only. Students should contact their parent command for any pay issues. Students may contact the MLE Academy Yeoman for support relating to their attendance at a MLE Academy course only. For more information contact the MLE Academy.


Shipping and Receiving (SK)


The MLE Academy receives all mail, shipping, and receiving services through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Please contact the MLE Academy Supply Chief Petty Officer for more information. Our mailing address can be found on the Contact page.