Boarding Officer Certified Ashore (BOCA) Course




The program is designed to provide the boarding officer with the specific concepts and practical experience necessary to safely conduct Law Enforcement Ashore at facilities in compliance with CG policy, US law, and international treaties. Practical exercises will take place at a maritime facility which includes a pier, container yard, entry control points and perimeter fence. 


Course Code:



Qualification Code:




Four training days over one week. 


Prerequisites for Attendance:


a. Must be a qualified Coast Guard Boarding Officer;


b. Assigned to unit conducting PWCS with at least 18 months remaining at the unit or have orders to a unit conducting PWCS;


c. Member is within maximum allowable weight in accordance with Allowable Weight Standards for Coast Guard Military Personnel, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series); and


d. Member possess, in the opinion of the CO/OIC, the requisite judgment, maturity, attitude, and aptitude to serve as a Boarding Officer (Certified Ashore).


Though it is not a course prerequisite, it is highly recommended students read the Maritime Security and Response Operations Manual (MSRO) COMDTINST M16600.6 and Maritime Law Enforcement Manual Chapter 12 (MLEM) COMDTINST M16247.1 (series) prior to reporting.


Note: Failure to meet the above prerequisites may result in disenrollment from the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy.




All waivers must be approved by COMDT (CG-MSR).


The waiver is located on the CG-MSR Portal page.


How to Apply:


Submit Electronic Training Request (ETR) via Direct Access


Note: Some BOCA convening's may be scheduled to start immediately following the completion of a Boarding Officer Course. Members requesting to attend a Boarding Officer Course followed by the BOCA course must submit two separate ETRs, one for each course. Provided comments in both ETRs indicating your request to attend both classes consecutively.



Course Chief: 

MEC Terence Klingele
U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy