Maritime Enforcement Specialist "A" School




On 14 April 2010 the very first ME “A” school in Coast Guard history graduated.




The scope of the Maritime Enforcement Specialist "A' School is to train Coast Guard personnel to provide security and law enforcement support for United States Coast Guard missions to include: Leadership, Physical Fitness, Communications, Safety, Rate Training & Administration, Security, Maritime Law Enforcement, Tactical Operations, Port Readiness, Weapons Familiarization & Qualification, Ports Waterways & Coastal Security, Anti-Terrorism, and Force Protection. To ensure compliance with standards indicated in the terminal performance objectives, students will be evaluated during role-plays, labs, scenarios, practical and written exams.


Course Code




Forty-seven training days over 9.3 weeks. 


Eligibility Criteria:

1. Minimum ASVAB score: VE + AR = 100

2. Eligible for a secret clearance. Commands must certify that the member is a U. S. citizen and has an approved NACLC security  clearance.   

3. Normal color perception in accordance with the Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1(series).

4. Member is within maximum allowable weight in accordance with Allowable Weight Standards for Coast Guard Military       Personnel,  COMDTINST M1020.8 (series).

5. Eligible to possess a firearm (Lautenberg Amendment Compliance - DD 2760) in accordance with COMDTINST 10100.1(series).

6. A valid state drivers license. 

7. 24 months of obligated service from date of graduation.

Physical Fitness – You must be within maximum allowable weight IAW Coast Guard weight and body fat standards and you will be required to satisfactorily complete the physical fitness standards task of the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Competency Qualifications Instruction within two weeks of class convening.



Weapons Qualifications - Need not have all weapons qualifications as pre-requisites, though full weapons qualifications is a ME "A" school graduation requirement. Full weapons qualifications include: judgmental pistol course, basic and practical pistol, basic and combat rifle, and shotgun.



How to Apply - Route a Special Request Authorization (chit) through your chain of command. For more information please visit the USCG Personnel Service Center Non-Rate / A-School Assignments web site.



What to Bring - Please use the Sea Bag Requirements when packing your sea bag for ME A school.



Travel Information - Please see the Travel and Check In page for information on transportation and directions.


For more information on ME "A" school take a look at the recent Coast Guard Compass Blog: