Training Photos


Recent Events at the MLEA


Celebrating Mardi Gras, the MLEA's Morale and LDAC Communities threw a Mardi Gras Chili Cookoff competition in the NCVP Hangar. Suspiciously the Morale Committee's Chili emerged victorious!



The CG MLE Academy was proud to support the COMDT's 2020 SOTCGA held here in Charleston. In addition to providing volunteers to support the event and ICP, members of the Non-Compliant Vessel Pursuit School stood by to answer questions regarding the pursuit mission on one of the school's 33' SPC-LEs. Despite the rainy day all had a great time!



MLEA's Civilian Workforce is a vital part of our ability to train future Coast Guard Law Enforcement Officers. Mr. Watson's outstanding efforts as a member of the Performance System's Branch led to his selection as the 2019 Civilian of the Year. Congratulations Dan!


Following the 2019 Annual Holiday Office Decoration contest, judges CAPT Solomon, LCDR Gull and LCDR Chlum awarded the coveted 1st Place Buck Trophy to the Support Department. YN1 Moore's Holiday Village Desk stole the show!


On September 25th, 2019, CAPT Solomon, LCDR Gullo, Master Chief Briganti and the MLEA's Ombudsman, Stephanie Krauss, attended the annual Navy League Sponsored Ombudsman Lunch, recognizing the outstanding efforts of sea service Low Country Ombudsman. Thank you for all that you do for our MLEA families, Stephanie!


In June 2019, BM1 Green of the Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center provided training covering pre-patrol planning, vessel identification, species identification, boarding procedures and vessel inspections to law enforcement officers from Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Following this period of instruction, PRFTC personnel facilitated 23 mock boardings over a two day period, evaluating partner agencies understanding of these key law enforcement actions.


In support of the role out of the new Defensive Tactics, LT Maza and ME1 Doherty provide a demonstration to members of Sector Houston Galveston during a roadshow at the Sector.


On Friday, June 8th at the MLEA's Change of Command Ceremony, CAPT Haws relinquished command of the MLEA to CAPT Solomon at a ceremony presided over by the Commander of Force Readiness Command, RDML Smith. The crew of the MLEA wishes CAPT Haws the best as he moves on to serve as the Chief of Force Readiness Command's Assessment Division and looks forward to working with CAPT Solomon in the years to come. Left to Right: CAPT Haws, RDML Smith, CAPT Solomon and MECM Briganti.