Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation


The accreditation of a Federal Law Enforcement academy or program provides assurance to the citizens they serve, that they have voluntarily submitted to a process of self-regulation. Accreditation also ensures that academies have achieved compliance with a set of standards established by  peers within their professional community that demonstrate their adherence to quality, effectiveness and integrity. Please visit www.fleta.gov for more information.

U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy

A FLETA assessment was conducted for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (USCG MLEA) using the FLETA guidelines and professional training standards for Academy Accreditation. The MLEA was reaccredited in May 2014.

The review of the USCG MLEA accreditation files, policies, procedures, operations and interviews with key personnel revealed that the MLEA is strongly committed to the accreditation process and are complying with the FLETA standards. This FLETA assessment revealed that procedures are in place to ensure continued compliance with the FLETA standards.

All applicable standards for the Academy were found to be compliant.