Radiation Detection Level II Operators Course




The purpose of this course is to prepare Coast Guard personnel assigned Level II Radiation Detection & Interdiction duties to conduct operations on board vessels and ashore, and provide Radiation Detection Level I training at their unit. The course will review concepts and theories learned during Radiation Detection Level I Operations and focuses on Coast Guard policy, basic radiological science, radiation detection equipment, and the skills and behaviors that will lead to superior performance in the field. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, effectiveness, officer safety, and practical exercises. 


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4 Training Days


Prerequisites for Attendance:

USCG personnel operating Level II RAD detection equipment are required to complete Level II RAD training. Pre-requisites for attending training:


1. Must be E-4 or above.

2. Level I RAD qualified (RADLVLI).

3. Members must have at least one year remaining at their unit or be transferring to a unit that conducts radiation detection.



Failure to meet the above prerequisites may result in disenrollment from the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy.


How to Apply


Submit Electronic Training Request (ETR) via Direct Access.




Visit TQC's website on the portal for future class dates.


Contact Information


Course Chief:
MST1 Greg Krauss
U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
(843) 746-7924